I’m a vet – 5 dog breeds I'd never own and the popular pooch which is prone to a serious & costly health conditions | The Sun

A VET has revealed five dog breeds he would never own due to the never ending list of health problems they all have. 

The pet expert says there’s one breed he would only consider getting if he became a sheep farmer. 

@Ben.the.vet shares his list in a TikTok video online.

He said: “Here are five dog breeds I wouldn't own as a vet. Now I've already listed five dog breeds in a previous video but I found it surprisingly easy to compile another list taking it to 10.”

“This is just my opinion, it's not in any particular order and I would consider rescuing one of these dogs if one was in need.”

Ben said he wouldn't consider getting a Doberman because of all the health problems that have, plus one left him completely traumatised.  

He said: “I've met many lovely lovely Dobermans but it is shocking how many of them get a kind of heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy. It's over half of them, so the majority of Dobermans get it."

“It typically has a poor prognosis. I've actually seen a Doberman drop down dead in front of my eyes before I could intervene because of this problem. That was a traumatic experience enough for me to never want one.”

Ben said: “Number two might surprise you, it's the Border collie. Now they are quite healthy although they are a bit prone to Epilepsy.”

“But I just find that they're a dog breed that doesn't adapt very well to the sedentary life of being a pet; their brains need to be constantly stimulated. They want to work and if they aren't busy they can go a bit loopy.”

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Ben said Border Collie’s need a lot of work so are usually only suited to sheep farmers as owners. 

Ben said: “I've seen lots of collies that are very anxious or developed compulsive behaviours like twirling rounding circles, I'd get one if I was a sheep farmer but I'm not and I don't think my lifestyle would allow me to give them what they need.”

Ben revealed Boxers are prone to a shocking number of diseases. 

He said: “I've met lots of really sweet ones but the list of problems that they're genetically prone to is pretty shocking.”

Ben revealed the single breed is prone to no less than 74 different types of diseases.

Ben reckons he doesn't have enough space to house a Great Dane. 

He said: “ I think I'm just not a big dog person at heart, my car isn't big enough, my house isn't big enough. The vet bills are huge because all of the drug doses are dosed by weight.”

“Also they often only live to about the age of seven and I think I would just find it quite hard to love a dog and then lose them in that short amount of time."


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Lastly Ben said he would avoid a Flatcoated retriever.

He said: “They are very prone to the type of aggressive cancer called histiocytic sarcoma. They are the poster child of this disease. Around 50% of all Flatcoats die of cancer and okay they have to die, but I'd just want to avoid it.”

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