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DO you like the idea of weeding without having to bend down for hours on end? 

One gardening pro felt exactly the same so they set out to try out all the tools on the market that promise to remove that problem – and they claim they’ve found the number one gadget.

The gardening fan called Mose said they’d reviewed many different standing-up weeding tools over the years.

They wrote: “We’ve analysed every stand-up weeding tool out there, as well as what gardeners’ blogs, consumer testing organisations, and forums have to say about them. 

“We’ve seen everything from pretty silly tools to truly durable, effective equipment.

“If you want a healthy garden or lawn and have back difficulties, or you just don’t care to squat down for every damn dandelion, there are a few winners that can efficiently extract weeds by their roots without exertion or (almost) ever bending over.”

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They then revealed on their website Selectoguru.com that they’d settled on one called the Fiskars Stand-Up Weeder, which is available from Amazon from £29 upwards.

The garden gadget is a weed puller that contains a claw at the bottom which traps the roots and pulls them out firmly so that they can be ejected easily. 

Singing its praises, Mose wrote: “Our top pick for removing dandelions, crabgrass, and other small weeds from a standing position is the Fiskars Deluxe Stand-Up Weeder. 

“It’s simple and fun to use (so much so that children fight over the opportunity to terminate weeds), and it’s light and ergonomically friendly. 

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“Most importantly, it grasps weeds by their roots and removes them completely. 

“This means you don’t have to go digging around in the dirt to ensure that a weed won’t pop right back up the next week.”

Adding that it reduces the time from 2-3 hours to just half an hour, they also pointed out other big plus points.

These included the easy grip, the fact it’s lightweight and that it’s also able to grab weeds that are on the larger side.

It grasps weeds by their roots and removes them completely

They then concluded: “The Fiskars Weeder is better-built than most of its competitors and it comes with a lifetime warranty from a reliable company.”

And while they pointed out that it might be a little more expensive than your “standard hoe or some of the other wedding tools,” they thought it was worth every penny.

And it seems their review is spot on, as they came back to their review post two years later to give an update on how their tool had fared.

They concluded: “We’ve stuck with the Fiskars Weeder since we first wrote this article, and taken care of weeds on a medium-sized residential front and back lawn for two years.

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“It is still in great shape: no broken parts and working fine.”

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