I tried Sofia Richie’s viral lazy girl hairstyle and I am seriously concerned for her, I’m in so much pain | The Sun

A BEAUTY fanatic has been left in agony after trying Sofia Richie’s viral “lazy girl” hairstyle. 

Lionel Richie’s model daughter racked up more than 20 million views after sharing a step-by-step guide to replicate her perfect slicked back bun.

The chic hairdo is one of the blonde beauty’s most iconic looks.

In a short TikTok video, she said: “I love that you guys think this is my chic hairstyle, this is actually my lazy girl hairstyle.

“I do it all the time because I’m very lazy with my hair. 

“Over the years of doing it I have gotten really good and I have a really easy technique.

“I promise you it's really not that hard, it's very simple.”

Sofia promised that wet hair and a perfect middle parting are the key to the perfect slicked back bun.

Keen to try out the coveted look, Glasgow mum Ash Reid followed the US celeb's tutorial.

But she was left with a pounding headache and numb face after achieving the look.

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Ash said: “There's no denying that Sofia Richie has got amazing style.

“She's so pretty. She's got unbelievable fashion sense.

“But know what she's definitely got?

“There's no question about it. She's definitely got a tension headache.

“Because I followed the tutorial for this really tight, slick back facelift bun, and I'm telling you now, I am telling you right now, I have got a headache.

“Oh, my God. I actually cannot wait to take this out.

“My head's splitting.”

Ash shared her hilariously honest review on TikTok (@ashreid_) with the caption “Sophia Ritchie Bun, head's gone kinda numb”.

The clip has been viewed more than 11,000 times, and social media users are loving it.

One said: “Looks amazing though!! But yeah, get that bun oot.”

A second joked: “Beauty is pain.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “Love a real review.”

Hair experts have warned that people are at risk of going partially bald due to the popular hairstyle.

Traction alopecia is a form of hair loss caused by strain on the follicles – like when you scrape back your locks.

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It can make lead to hair falling out in large chunks, leaving you with bald patches.

As well as hair loss, other signs of traction alopecia include an itchy scalp, pimples and patches of shiny, scarred skin.

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