I weighed a whopping 30st but halved my body thanks to two easy changes – and now it’s ‘bye bye fatman' | The Sun

A DAD who once called himself 'fatman' has revealed how he shed half of his body weight with two easy lifestyle changes.

On his wedding day, the ''morbidly obese'' bloke found himself weighing in at a whopping 30 stone – but it was at this moment he realised there was a desperate need for a change.

Before this, the dad, only known as @bye_bye_fatman on TikTok, would spend his days ''living a life of over-indulgence'', constantly consuming junk food topped off with love for alcohol.

Over time, the fatty diet consisting of pizza and oily chips naturally led him to ''ballooning'' to an unhealthy weight.

However, with kids in his family, the dad realised he desperately wanted to be around to be able to raise them – and he had to seriously reconsider his lifestyle choices.

The Fatman, believed to be from Germany, wanted to ''give them the love and care, and nurture that a father can''.

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''I promised her [his wife] and our children that I'll do the very best to make radical changes to my life, and to improve my health and my wellness.''

The dad proudly opened up in the inspiring video: ''A man cannot break a promise that he makes to the woman he loves – or to his children.''

So he took a proper look at himself and his future, and decided to embark on a weight-loss journey, drastically changing both his eating habits, as well as increasing his fitness levels.

The heavy and fatty carbs were swapped for a low calorie diet, sometimes eating protein-heavy keto foods – something he's been doing for more than two years now.

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Looking back at how far he's come, the Fatman also added that a lot of the progress was thanks to his newly found love for dancing.

''I began to dance for fitness, and I began to dance every day to get some movement and to make myself at least do some cardio work.''

Of course, there have also been some bumps during the ride, as he admitted that it hasn't ''all been plain sailing''.

However, this hasn't been enough to stop the motivation and get in the way of his incredible makeover.

''Right now I'm on a roll! And I'm working hard to get myself down to a healthy weight, where I can be active with my children and can be a better version of myself for my wife and for the kids.''

The journey, which has taken social media by storm, has left people totally amazed, with hundreds racing to praise him.

One said: ''Bless you sir, this is what real love looks like.''

Another chimed in: ''actually looks great, keep it up king.''

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A third shared their story, writing: ''Brilliant !!! I've lost 16 stone in the last year & a half, Life changing isn’t it? Keep going.''

''Keep it up king!!! Such a huge transformation already !! I hope your proud of yourself,'' someone else penned.

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