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A PLUS-SIZE WOMAN has revealed that she often gets fat-shamed for showing off her belly, but she doesn’t care what the nasty haters think.

Body confident Jazmyn Tullos is a fashion and lifestyle content creator who wants to encourage other curvy women to love their bodies.

Jazmyn described herself as “fat” and “not ugly” and explained that “big girls do it better.” 

However, in a video shared on social media, Jazmyn revealed the comment she hears all too often. 

Whilst wearing a cropped bandeau top, she claimed that people will often say to her: “I don’t think big girls should show that much skin.”

To this, Jazmyn firmly clapped back to the cruel trolls and wrote: “Then close your eyes.” 

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The social media user flicked her hair and posed for the camera, as she mimed along to an audio that said: “I’m fresher than a mother f****r.”

In another clip, Jazmyn claimed that people will criticise her looks and question how she i in a relationship as a result of her size.

She noted: “Society: ‘How’s he with her, she’s so fat…” 

To this, we saw the brunette woman pose in a white dress, as she mimed along to an audio that said: “I’m a bad b***h.” 

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She then added: “Stupid society standards.”

When it comes to people’s opinions on her, Jazmyn explained that she isn’t fussed about what others think or say. 

She later added: “I couldn’t absolutely care less what you think about my outfits if they are negative.”

Jazmyn’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @jazzypinkcandy, has clearly impressed many, as it has amassed a staggering 29,800 likes and 429 comments.

Social media users were eager to praise Jazmyn in the comments, and many hailed her “beautiful” and praised her confidence. 

One person said: “You slay it queen.” 

Another added: “I need more of this, I love my plus-sized people who feel themselves.” 

A third commented: “Absolutely gorgeous, dress is fire.”

Whilst someone else chimed in: “You're beautiful.”

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Meanwhile, another TikTok user penned: “So pretty, I wish I was [this] confident.”

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