If you can spot all five festive gingerbread men in less than 30 seconds, you may have a high IQ | The Sun

PUZZLERS have been left at a loss after struggling to solve a new festive brainteaser.

Can you spot all five hidden gingerbread men in the jolly Christmas dinner scene?

UK-based vape company Haypp designed the challenge to mark the countdown to annual Christmas Day feasts.

Many people have already begun to stock up on lavish foods including turkey, pies, and pudding.

It’s easy to forget what you’re looking for as the mind can wonder when looking at the optical illusion.

You may be among the cleverest puzzlers if you can find all five gingerbread men in less than 30 seconds.

Set a timer and avoid overlooking any important details in your search.

Have you already spotted a few of the gingerbread men among the festivities?

According to creators, it takes an average of 67 seconds to hunt down all five elusive characters.

Many people have given up searching after finding all but one of the gingerbread men.

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How many have you found so far?

Here’s a hint: Try taking a closer look at the foods on the table.

The puzzle is more difficult than it seems at first glance.

If you still can’t find all five gingerbread men in the chaotic setting scroll down for the solution below.

The optical illusion comes after UK-based CBD store ICE Headshop left many stumped with another festive brainteaser.

Can you spot the mistletoe in the busy Christmas scene?

You may have a 20/20 vision if you can spot the mistletoe in less than 51 seconds.

The ability to pay attention to even the smallest details is needed to successfully solve the seek-and-find puzzle.

Many challengers admit they’ve been distracted by the falling snow and colorful decorations.

The illustrators have strategically used color and varying shapes to play tricks on the mind.

Here’s a hint: Try taking a closer look at the Christmas tree which hasn’t been decorated.

Do you think you’ve finally found the mistletoe?

Scroll down to the answer below to check if you guessed correctly.

If those two brainteasers were too easy, a third challenge designed by Gergely Dudás, better known as Dudolf, will put your observation skills to the ultimate test.

Can you spot the four stars hidden in the festive snow globes?

The Hungary-based cartoonist shared his latest seek-and-find puzzle on his popular blog and Facebook, where he has over 168,000 followers.

You may be a genius if you can find all four stars in the busy scene

Many people have admitted it took them longer than expected to solve the mind-bender.

One Facebook user said: “The details in this are amazing. I was so busy looking at the globes that I forgot to look for the stars! Thank you, Gergely!”

Another wrote: “Bit tricky there! Got them all but it took a bit.”

If you’re struggling to spot the stars in the sea of snowglobes try taking a closer look at the areas closest to the penguins. 

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Do you think you’ve found all four stars?

Scroll down to the answer below to check if you guessed correctly.

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