I’m 42 but people think I look 25 – the skincare tool I use to make my face slimmer and it takes seconds | The Sun

THERE are a whole host of different ways to lose weight off your face – from clever contouring makeup techniques to dieting.

But according to one beauty whizz, who is 42-years-old but is regularly mistaken for being 25, there's an even simpler way – and it's all thanks to a bargain skincare tool that can be snapped up for as little as 89p.

In an informative video posted to TikTok (@tamsskyn), Tams shared a video offering a gua sha tutorial to "slim and contour" your face.

Sharing a before photo where her face looks much fuller, she continues: "I'm going to show you how to incorporate gua sha into your skincare routine without creating an additional step."

She then tells people to pick one – when you're washing your face or when you're moisturising.

"I'm going to do it while I'm washing my face today," she explains.


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"So I'm putting this cleanser on…this is the 4 point gua sha that I did for over a year to get my face looking like this."

Tams then begins by placing the tool at the bottom of her chin, before moving it in an upwards motion along her jawline up to her ear.


"You're going to do each move three times," she notes.

Tams then turns the tool around and places it underneath her eye.

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"Glide outwards," she instructs.

Next, she moves the massage tool in an upwards motion across her forehead.

"Do the other side, wash your face and go with a regular skincare routine," she says.

The skincare guru captioned the post: "Quick 1 min gua sha method to slim face & when to do gua sha."

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 621k views and hundreds of comments from beauty fans up and down the country.

"Love this! So easy but your results are incredible!" enthused one.

A second penned: "Taking notes."

A third commented: "Awesome!! Thank you!!"

Meanwhile, a fourth asked: "How much pressure do you need? is normal the redness?"

Tams replied: "Redness is normal, not a lot of pressure."

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Another chimed in: "So convenient! Thanks!"

A further added: "This is going to change my life."

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