GMB viewers ‘mute’ Richard Branson interview after ‘annoying’ distraction

'Cricket chirps' in background of Richard Branson GMB interview

Good Morning Britain viewers were left distracted and had to switch off from the show after a cricket continuously chirped through Richard Branson’s interview.

Richard joined ITV presenters Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway to discuss how he feels his dyslexia has helped his career, rather than being a block in the way.

However, as the cricket chirped and could be heard in the background, it left viewers distracted, leaving them to take to their Twitter accounts to complain.

@UnInterlocutor joked: “Someone tell Branson to kill that cricket #GMB.”

@Itt39354118 quipped: “If it’s not them 2 interrupting it’s the cricket #gmb.”

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@HadrianAD122 commented: “Richard Branson has brought along his pet cricket to the interview. #GMB”

Another user added stated: “Time to mute #gmb.”

@kyIemeatsix added: “Someone get rid of that cricket!!!! @GMB #gmb.”

@ck2618036556 exclaimed: “Honestly can you not hear the annoying noise?? #gmb is becoming a glitchy joke.” (sic)

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Discussing his experience with school and how the education system can help more with dyslexic children, he said: “Try to have students around the world to get together to try and make it better.

“Now, I left and bizarrely for a dyslexic ran a magazine, that became my education, I got other people to help me with the writing.

“But I did the interviews and that is what kickstarted Virgin and it was a much better education than the conventional education.”

During his time on Good Morning Britain, he also gave his opinion on the current flight chaos which has affected thousands of people trying to get home from their holidays.

He explained: “When something like this goes wrong, it’s horrible – I’ve sat at airports for hours myself and know exactly what it’s like.

“We at Virgin Atlantic have an extraordinary sea of people and I don’t think that they’ve had any flights that they haven’t managed to get off on time and get back on time so I think we’re lucky that we’re long haul and not short haul and they’ve managed to overcome the problems, but for those that are stuck at airports, there’s almost nothing worse.

“I’m sure that airlines that have been affected are going to, I don’t know, but will almost definitely have to pay compensation and take it on the chin.

“But these things happen and hopefully, NATS (The National Air Traffic Services) can learn from this and make sure they don’t make the same mistake again.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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