I'm 73 but love wearing fishnet tops as I party hard in Ibiza – my trick to looking great is NOT acting your age | The Sun

A 73-YEAR-OLD woman has revealed she still jets off to the hot party destination Ibiza – and she encourages others to do the same.

Over the last few years, Ibiza has become one of the most renowned party places in the world – and one of to sure make the most out of it is Lynne Zekis, 73.

The woman, who describes herself as ''Silver Sister'' on TikTok, recently flew to the Spanish island, proudly sharing stylish snaps her outfits along the way.

After checking into a ''fantastic villa'', the 73-year-old party lover changed into a trendy fishnet bathing suit which she had paired with a white mini skirt around her waist.

Other outfits, which retired Lynne would also be wearing in Barcelona soon, included on-trend cargo trousers, white trainers, as well as a sheer maxi dress in white.

Meanwhile, for partying after 1.30am in the morning, the dance lover had opted for a two-piece set of a crop top and a skimpy mini skirt with a bold geometrical pattern.


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Reminding others to live life to the fullest, Lynne said: ''Dont let age stop you! [sic]''

The secret, she added, is making the most of every situation, writing: ''You got this. aging isn’t what it used to be, grab every moment like it was your last [sic].''

''Attitude is everything.. honestly I was nervous about being the only old lady there but f**k it,'' the 73-year-old went on sharing her experience at the nightclub.

Her attitude and perspective on life has certainly inspired many social media users, as hundreds raced to comments to praise Lynne.

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Nor only did people admire her views on getting older but they also refused to believe she was 73.

One confessed: ''I had to read 73, 5 times. You dont look ur age at all! [sic]''


Someone else was baffled and wanted to see if she had any tips to staying up that late: ''How? At 35 i just can’t handle anything past 11 pm.''

A third chimed in and simply described her as a ''legend''.

''I want to be you when I grow up,'' a fellow TikTok fan penned.

Speaking of ageing, one hair whizz recently revealed the biggest mistake beauty lovers make when it comes to grey roots.

According to Rosie Baylis, from Royal Tunbridge Wells, people tend to make a crucial error when it comes to applying the dye onto their roots.

She explained in the video: ''You will always stay feeling unkempt and messy, unless you change the problem with your colour…

''Roots – when they aren’t blended, the contrast between your hair colour and the roots will be so high and stand out within a matter of days."

There ere two options – either putting up with it or trying a different way of doing things, Rosie noted.

If you've opted for the latter, Rosie advised to choose a low-maintenance colour – “anything that leaves your natural hair alone and only adjusts the mids and ends,'' as one whizz,  Lorena M. Valdes, told Glamour Magazine.

A useful trick here, Lorena added, is asking for balayage which is ''amazing for low-maintenance hair colour as it starts off as a soft point at the root to a thicker ribbon towards the bottom, which mimics what the sun does to our hair naturally''.


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Meanwhile, celeb hair colourist Brian O’Connor, was also raving about the so-called babylights, as they're ''a nice way to leave a soft blend and an easy grow out.”

Slightly more delicate than regular highlights, babylights are woven throughout the hair for a more natural blend of colours, the expert explained.

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