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A PRO dog groomer has warned first-time owners against getting three specific breeds. 

Garret Wing is the founder and owner of American Standard Dog Training, which has facilities in North Carolina, Florida and Georgia in the US. 

With over 20 years of experience in training dogs, he decided to head over to Modern Pet Salon to speak to the owner Danyelle. 

Danyelle has been grooming dogs since the age of 16 and shared her thoughts on the breeds you should avoid. 

Dressed in a grey suit with a pair of sunglasses on, Garret first explained: “Top three dog breeds a professional dog groomer would not recommend as a first-time dog owner… Starting with number one.” 

Danyelle replied: “I would say Chow Chow,” which Garret explained is a very strong, hard and dominant dog. 

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“Ancient dog breed and the attitude to go with it,” he said. 

The second dog breed she wouldn’t recommend is the Black Russian Terrier.

She explained: “They tend to be very dominant. They need a lot of training and also a lot of grooming.” 

Garret then shared that his videographer has the same breed, adding: “And it’s a lot of dog. Big dog, grooming requirements and tons of energy.” 

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The final breed Danyelle wouldn’t recommend is the Giant Schnauzer, which has similar issues as it’s a big dog that needs a lot of training and grooming. 

People were left with mixed opinions on TikTok user @americanstandardk9’s video as one person wrote: “Oh bulls**t I have a Giant Schnauzer is the best dog I could ever ask for it is my first time owning it, and she has been a great dog.”

Another shared: “Chow Chow is my first dog and she’s amazing.” 

While a third added: “I love my Giant Schnauzer. I am a first time owner and have to say she’s just perfect.” 

But some tended to agree with the trainer and groomer as one person said: “We have two giant schnauzers, they are SO STUBBORN. Not an eager to please breed but we love our girls. Lucky to have 35 acres for them to run on”. 

“I loved my Chow but, I know for a fact it is hard to find a groomer and sometimes a Vet,” another revealed.

And a third wrote: “I have 4 Black Russian terriers, two need a lot of grooming and 2 don’t. Only have a lot of energy as puppies, but all do have a ton of training”. 

Meanwhile, according to the American Kennel Club, there are a few breeds that are perfect for first-time owners.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, for example, are described as gentle and affectionate. They’re also great with young children, which is ideal for families or those looking to expand their brood. 

English Springer Spaniels are also a good option as they are “eager to please”, cheerful and love staying close to their owners. 


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And Labrador Retrievers are also a popular breed as they are “intensely loyal” and affectionate, especially towards kids. They can also be trained are friendly with strangers. 

What dog breed do you have? 

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