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A FASHION expert has revealed the travel wardrobe mistakes that make people prime targets to scammers and pickpockets abroad. 

Angela Masson is an expert at helping women over 50 nail their style with useful tips on current trends and outfit ideas. 

The blonde beauty also loves to share parts of her life online, including her journeys abroad. 

In light of her two passions, she decided to share a video of her top tips on what not to pack when heading over to Europe. 

Taking to her YouTube channel, the 53-year-old told viewers: “There are definitely things you don’t want to be wearing if you want to stay under the radar and not be targeted by the scammers.” 

Angela explained how she did a lot of research before heading across the pond as she heard many stories about scammers and the creative ways “they distract you so they can take your money and your valuables”. 

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She claimed the easiest way for scammers to be able to pick out an easy target is based on what they’re wearing. 

In a bid to help people protect themselves, she listed a set of items you should leave at home… 


Angela explained while baseball caps and golf visors might be popular, they’re not typically worn in different cities across Europe. 

“Don’t make yourself stand out,” she said. 

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Instead, she said women should opt for straw beach hats while men should wear something “a bit more classy looking”. 

Logo shirts 

Angela claimed most people don’t tend to wear shirts with large logos, school names or otherwise. 

“If you have a shirt with the Eiffel Tower on it or you have a shirt that says Paris or London or whatever, they won’t be wearing that if they’re living there,” she said. 

“Don’t do it, don’t do it – it’ll make you stand out as a tourist.” 

Hoodies and joggers 

“I’ve heard over and over again that your gymwear, your leisurewear and your workout wear is only for the gym there,” she said. 

Angela added women generally don’t wear leggings either, instead opting for a lot more quality clothing instead. 

Leggings may be seen as a comfortable choice to wear casually, not many people do this in Europe, she said, as they’re seen as gymwear. 


While backpacks and backpack purses are convenient to travel with, they’re not always the best option when going out and about abroad. 

“We love to travel with them in aeroplanes and shove them under the seat, we walk around with them on campuses and we even have these cute little backpack purses,” she said.

“Here’s why they’re not good in Europe… You want all your valuables on you to be somewhere in the front.

“Somewhere that you have eyeballs to make sure you’re seeing what’s going on here.” 

Angela said if you have a bag on your back, pickpockets can simply unzip it. Or, they can cut the back of the pack to let all your valuables fall out. 

Meanwhile, Angela warned viewers who bring handbags with them to make sure they have a zip on them. 

She added: “And, think of this, if it’s an over the shoulder bag, make sure the zipper is turned to the front and not on the other end, facing behind you.” 

Hiking clothes 

Angela said people who wear cargo trousers, hiking boots and large hats are easily spotted as tourists. 

“You will stick out like a sore thumb,” she said before warning people to leave these clothes at home. 


Angela said there are some shoes that you should definitely not wear and flip flops are one of them. 

“I’m not saying don’t wear sandals, I’m just saying don’t wear flip flops,” she explained. 

The fashion expert added that some roads are cobblestone and uneven, too, which makes it more difficult to walk on. 

This also means heels can be problematic. 

“Think about a wedge, because at least you have more ground covering,” she said. 

Angela said the two pairs of shoes she wore all the time were her tennis shoes and Birkenstocks. 

She said: “They were the most comfortable for doing all the walking that we did. I could wear those shoes and by the end of the day, my feet never hurt me.” 

Angela said that by avoiding these crucial travel mistakes, you can help prevent scammers and pickpockets from targeting you. 

Do you know any good tricks? 

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