I'm a gardener – the four flowers you SHOULDN'T be planting this September as they're deadly for your dog | The Sun

A GARDENING expert has revealed the top four flowers to avoid planting this September because they can turn toxic for your dog next summer.

As autumn approaches, green-fingered Brits turn their attention to preparing their gardens for winter as now is the perfect time to sow seeds and de-head plants.

But a new study has revealed some of our favourite plants are the most harmful to our pets, particularly curious dogs. 

Experts, including assistant buyer Emma Snowden, at Kaleidoscope warned against planting peonies the most.

Despite being a beautiful flower that regularly features at weddings, the flowers contain compound Paeonol. 

Not only will this irritate your beloved pooch’s skin, but if they ingest it, they may vomit, have diarrhoea and develop doggy depression. 

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These symptoms can seriously dehydrated your dog and put their life in danger, so it's best to seek vetinerary advice.

The same risk applies to children. 

“If your child eats part of a peony, seek medical advice immediately,” the gardening experts said.

“Take a sample of the plant with you to A&E and don’t panic or try to make them sick.”

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Hydrangeas are also extremely toxic to dogs and cats, and can cause severe skin allergies.

Lupins have seeds and leaves that contain alkaloids, lupinine and sparteine, which have a toxic effect on humans and pets. 

These chemicals are seriously harmful to pets and children if eaten.

In the event your dog or child digests a Lupin flower, take them to the vet or A&E immediately with a sample of the plant. 

“As we head into autumn, Brits are making the most of the last few months of the year so that we’re able to take full advantage of gardens and outdoor spaces,” Emma said. 

“We want everyone, whether an animal or human member of the family, to be able to enjoy this time, without worrying about what may be lurking in the flower beds. 

“This is especially relevant to those who have just moved house and are unfamiliar with their outdoor space, unaware of the plant landscape they have inherited.”

Cosmos' are the most searched child and pet friendly plant, with over 3.1 million UK Google searches over the last year.

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Roses rank as the second safest, followed by Sunflowers.

Also safe are Daisies, Forget-me-nots, Chives, Fuchsias and Dahlias.

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