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IT’S something most of us use every couple of days without fail – but are you looking after your hair dryer properly?

According to one hair expert, many people are making the same crucial mistake whenever they plug in their beauty appliance, and it could end up ruining it in the long run.

Hairdresser Rachel Valentine explained: “There is a really simple thing that you need to do to look after your hair dryer, otherwise you could literally be killing it.”

In a warning video she posted, Rachel then reached for her trusty hair dryer and spun it around for people to see.

Pointing to the back of the appliance where there is a small grate, she said: “This filter at the back of your hair dryer actually comes off.

“And it needs to be cleaned.” 

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Rachel, who shared the video on her TikTok profile @rachelvalentinehair, then took hers off in one simple motion, as she showed how much build-up it had.

She went on to say: “All of that dust and residue on the back of the hair dryer here and in this filter will cause it to clog up.

“This will stop it from working properly and it can even overheat.”

These are both scenarios best avoided as they can cause major damage to the machinery – or even make it go dead.

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Emphasising just how easy of a job it is to do, Rachel said: “It honestly takes about two seconds to clean so let me show you how I do it.”

She then gave an easy guide to keeping it clean, describing the method as “so, so easy” and effective.

First, she took the filter to the bathroom and ran it under a tap, before using another household item to help her with the cleaning process.

Rachel explained: “I’m literally just grabbing an old toothbrush and gently buffing away any of the residue from the filter.

“It’s actually amazing how much dust comes off,” she went on, before adding, “and look how dirty that toothbrush is as well..”

Rachel then clarified: “I’m hoping I don’t need to say this but – just in case – keep your hair dryer unplugged and away from the water. It is literally just the filter that I’m getting wet here.”

Only when the toothbrush and filter are completely dry should you move onto the next step.

Rachel explained: “And then afterwards, making sure the toothbrush is dry, gently brush away any other dust that’s left on the hair dryer.

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“Then you’re just going to pop that back onto the back of your hair dryer and look at the difference in that,” she said as she showed the now gleaming filter.

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