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LET'S face it, keeping on top of the laundry is an arduous and time-consuming chore that many of us dread.

But what if there was a super simple and cheap cleaning trick that reduces the amount of washing – and saves hundreds on visits to the dry cleaners?

Well, according to personal stylist Christie Moeller, there is…and it's all thanks to the genius way she keeps clothes smelling fresh without washing them.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@christiemoeller), she begins: "Did you know your clothes will actually last longer if you don't wash them after every wear?

"And you can wear dry clean only clothes three or four times before they need to go to the cleaners on set?"

The personal stylist continues: "Sometimes, actors have to wear the same clothes multiple days in a row, and there's no time to clean them in between."


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The laundry pro then goes on to share the trick she swears by to keep clothes smelling fresh – and all you need is some vodka and water in a spray bottle.

"Add one part water to one part vodka, then give the inside of the clothing a little spritz," she explains.


"The vodka's going kill any of that odour-causing bacteria.

"And no, you're not going to smell like booze…just a clean, fresh garment."

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Christie captioned the post: "How to keep your clothes smelling fresh like a stylist."

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 569k views and several comments, with many quick to comment Christie on sharing the useful cleaning trick.

"Good tip," praised one and a second penned: "Yes, been doing this for years.

"Also add a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil and you can use it as room or loo deodorant."

A third commented: "Awesome! I’m on it!! Love your tips!"

Meanwhile, a fourth enthused: "Great tip!!!"

Another added: "I learned this trick from an older drag queen! All those expensive gowns that you can’t wash!"

A further chimed in: "I use alcohol and lavender."

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And one more asked: "But how does it make the clothes feel? If the texture is off I'm probs better off not wearing it."

Christie responded: "It doesn’t change the feel of the fabric."

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