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A PROFESSIONAL bra fitter has revealed the secrets of a good fitting piece of underwear – and the little-known four-month rule that will change everything. 

Katie Weir, who describes herself as a “Bra Queen” and hosts the Curvy Kate podcast, is a woman in the know when it comes to how a bra should fit for your body shape. 

So it made perfect sense for her to team up with social media influencer Claudia, who shares content and advice for women like her with a bigger bust.

Together Katie (@weirwonderful) and Claudia (@hey.thecloset) ran through some top tips for women who are wondering if their bra fits properly or not.

In a video posted on TikTok, Katie was joined by Claudia modelling a black, lacy bra that appeared to look good as new.

But Katie soon shared how it could fit even better – and you can follow her rules too.

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Katie said she’s often asked by people when they should be looking to invest in a new bra for their underwear drawer. 

So she explained: “Today I’m going to show you what happens when you have a bra for a year or more.” 

“I’m sure you get a lot of questions as well, like, ‘how long should I have my bra for?’‘When should I change it?’ or ‘why is this bra no longer doing the most it can?’”

To answer these crucial questions, Katie said the first thing to look at the cup itself.

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Using Claudia’s as an example, she explained: “From far away, this looks great – but if we get a little closer, we’re getting a little bit of double boob, worn and washed.” 

But Katie said that the key to preventing this from happening is in the back fastening of the bra.

She went on to say: “With all your bras they will have hook and eyes on the back band.”

This is where the four-month rule comes in.

Katie continued: “For a new bra, you want it to be on the loosest hook and eye, and tighten it up every four months, which will take you to a year. And then you go onto the tightest hook and eye.” 

For a new bra, you want it to be on the loosest hook and eye, and tighten it up every four months

Speaking of what this will achieve, she said: “What this will do is give you that 80% support.”

And she maintained that her easy to follow rule also helps women to know when they need to go bra shopping.

She explained: “When you’re on the tightest hook and eye, it’s an indicator that you’re going to need a new bra.”

Katie said that another tell-tale sign is if you’ve been consistently tightening up your straps, you will notice that the bra now “tips forwards” – away from your chest.

And although she said it’s often sad to wave goodbye to your favourite piece of underwear, she encouraged people to change their mindset.

She concluded: “You might think, ‘I’ve just spent £35. But think of these as an investment.

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