I’m a professional cleaner and an £8 mop is way better than Flash – it leaves your floors spotless and catches crumbs | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has shared she’s found a mop better than Flash and it costs just £8. 

Known as the wee scotty cleaners on social media, the pair explained that the bargain mop can clean up grime and crumbs from the floor. 

“So here we are, we’re gonna give you a demonstration on this mop,” a woman behind the camera explained as she showed her colleague posing with the grey and blue tool. 

“And we absolutely swear by these, don’t we Claire?” she questioned, to which Claire replied: “They are so much easier and they don’t take as much time.” 

They then explained that the cleaning product is better than many others out there, including Flash. 

One of them shared: “These are better than these Flash mops, just love them.” 

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Claire went on to share her frustration with mops that require a bucket that needs to be filled and dragged along the floor everywhere you go. 

With this Power Action Microfibre Spray Mop, you get a pad that can be used multiple times before needing to be put in the washing machine. 

Demonstrating how the mop is used, she then pushed the button on the handle to spray the floor with a cleaning solution before moving the mop over the area. 

Claire said it smells lovely, while her colleague added: “But it’s not only that, it actually catches all your wee crumbs and all that.” 

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After mopping the area, Claire then collected all the crumbs into a pile into the corner of the hallway. 

Flipping the mop over, she then told viewers that you can simply take the pad off the bottom and stick it in the wash. 

The mop can be found at Home Bargains for just £7.99, making it an ideal purchase for anyone’s home cleaning toolkit. 

On the website, the description reads: “Mopping can often feel like you're just pushing the dirt around instead of wiping it away. Now with this Microfibre Spray Mop from Power Action, it's quicker, more effective and easier than ever to remove heavy duty dirt, grease and grime from your floors.” 

They add that the microfibre clothing is still effective after 50 or more washes, too. 

People flocked to the comments section of @theweescottycleaners’s TikTok post as one person wrote: “They’re awesome on laminate/vinyl floors… takes no time at all”. 

Another shared: “I have 1 and love it, just take the pad off and throw it into the washer and put a clean 1 on, so easy and doesn’t drown the floor”.

“Home Bargains sell it, I’ve got one,” another said. 

While a fourth added: “Best mops ever,” followed by a heart emoji.

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