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EVER woken up in a sweaty panic after a very realistic dream about being pregnant? It’s not an uncommon one, especially in women who aren’t pregnant.

Dream analyst Athena Laz has revealed that while these dreams might not be signalling that you are pregnant, they are trying to tell you something.

“Dreams about pregnancy can have various interpretations depending on the context and personal experiences for the dreamer,” the Alchemy Of Your Dreams author said. 

“Generally, dreaming about pregnancy when you’re not actually pregnant could reflect personal growth, transformation, or the anticipation of a significant life change or event that is on the horizon.

“Pregnancy dreams can also symbolise a desire for new beginnings, creativity, or the development of a significant and meaningful idea in your waking life.”

She urged any women having this dream to analyse the specific emotions and details that unfolded while they were asleep. 

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“How you feel in a dream can offer great insight into how you actually feel on a deeper, more significant level,” Athena penned in a column for Today. 

If you’re happy that you’re pregnant, it might signify that you’re excited for an upcoming life chance or the next chapter of your life.

If you’re scared in the dream, it might signify that you’re fearful in your waking life of where your life is at or headed. 

It’s not just dreams about being pregnant women have, but also dreams about getting a positive pregnancy test, Athena revealed. 

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“Overall, dreaming about a positive pregnancy is generally seen as a positive sign of fertility and transformation,” she said. 

“Unless you were devastated in the dream to discover that you were pregnant.

“In that case, the dream may be telling you that you feel very unprepared for a new situation that is ‘gestating’ in your life. 

“Like a mother who gestates her baby in the womb, the dreamer is dreaming of a positive pregnancy test but at a time where they feel unprepared to bring forth a ‘child’ into the world.”

A positive reaction in your dream could “indicate that you are in a fertile and productive phase”.

Athena added that it could symbolise a desire for emotional fulfilment and excitement towards your future. 

However, the dream analyst warned women to not ignore their body’s ques and take a pregnancy test if they keep dreaming about getting a positive result.

Another common pregnancy-related dream is actually one about giving birth, as graphic as it may sound.

This could signify that you are bringing something new into your life, and will have to 'push' pretty hard to make it happen.

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"Alternatively, this kind of dream may also simply alert the dreamer to a deep inner desire to actually have a child, and to take the step into parenthood," Athena added.

"Self-awareness and reflection on the dreamer’s part here will help to illuminate the dream meaning even further."

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