I put up a privacy fence between me & my nightmare 'Karen' neighbour…so she hacked my branches and got the cops involved | The Sun

A RAGING "Karen" called police after her fed-up neighbour put up a privacy screen to stop her looking into other people’s gardens.

A showdown was captured on video after the woman allegedly threw nails into next door's yard, hacked down branches and tried to tear down the new fence.

A policeman can be seen talking to both neighbours as a dog constantly barks at the officer throughout the four-minute TikTok clip.

The woman, actually called Karen according to the video, was apparently furious after finding the new fence put in by her neighbour.

The policeman questions the complaints by saying: “Isn’t that what you wanted.”

The nightmare lady replies saying “No I didn’t want nothing.

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“She did that on her own and damaged my fence.

“No one asked her to do this.”

The woman’s fence links were cut to put up the block, resulting in the fuming neighbour calling her landlord out to fix the fence.

The policemen then asks who owns the fence and the nagging lady reveals that she doesn’t, as she’s only renting.

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The landlord gave permission, according to the TikTok post.

The officer says if it isn’t her property then she shouldn’t be so annoyed and sarcastically asks what the problem is.

Half way through the clip we hear from the woman filming.

Karen quickly interrupts before the police officer shuts her down.

“Stop OK I let you talk and she didn’t say a word as I told her to be quiet when you were talking, now you do the same.

“I gave you a fair chance to say your side now she gets the same without being interrupted.”

The feud allegedly began when the lady filming moved in and her dog would bark at the dog next-door.

This caused the Karen to call the police on her.

Karen was also allegedly peeking through windows in the morning after an original privacy screen had gone up days earlier.

The original screen then got raised higher to “avoid problems”, once again upsetting the neighbour.

After the police were called two more times, once by each lady, a second, taller fence was put up to try and solve the issue.

Karen then allegedly started cutting down the branches so she could see around the fence towards the back of her garden.

The video ends with the policeman letting the woman strap up her fence properly saying: “Go ahead and do it so we can get out of here.”

The clip has 1.8 million views and over 170,000 likes with most comments siding with the woman filming and enjoying the police officer’s attitude towards Karen.

One said: “Sooooo she is mad that she can’t watch you anymore and cause problems??”

Another applauded the cop, saying: “lmfao he is exhausted with this conversation.”

Others also picked up on some of the officer’s sarcastic comments when he was talking to the upset woman.

“So it’s not your property”, and “What’s your problem today”, were commented by several users, followed by three or four laughing emoji’s as they enjoyed watching a “Karen” get shut down.

This isn't the first time Karens have caused issues with one kicking off over a proud father building a playset for his kids.

The petty woman argued for 30 minutes over how loud the building process was.


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