I’m a waxing specialist – 4 things that will annoy us & please don’t go to the gym before an appointment, it’s gross | The Sun

A WOMAN has opened up on the most annoying things customers do when they come to her to get a wax. 

Biance lives in Renton, Washington State, in the US, where she works as a ‘wax slayer’. 

And while it appears to be a job she enjoys, there are some customers that get on her nerves… Are you guilty of doing any of these? 

Starting the clip off, she could be seen dressed in a nude vest top as she said: “Things that will get you on your waxer’s bad side.”

She then enacted a scene between herself and a customer, where a woman walks in and says: “Hey, I had an appointment for two o’clock.” 

Bianca, acting as the receptionist, replies: “Two o’clock? It is… okay. So we do have a nine minute grace period and you’re checking in just at the nine-minute -”. 

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She’s then cut off as the customer says: “I know, I know that you have a nine-minute grace period. I’m checking in at 2:09, we should be fine, right?”

Clearly, being late to an appointment is a complete no-go, as this doesn’t leave much time to get everything done. 

The waxer, Bianca, then appears to bring ‘Karen’ into the room, but the woman says she has to go to the bathroom – further delaying the appointment. 

Several minutes later, the customer – Karen- returns and says: “Oh it is… it’s hairy down there. I really need to get waxed. 

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“Also I do just want to give you a heads up , I did just come from Orange Theory. 

“I didn’t have enough time to go home because if I went home and showered, I definitely would have been even more late to this appointment.

“So just a heads up and I’m sorry.” 

Not only did the customer arrive late and further delay the appointment, but she also went to the gym right before and didn’t clean up before coming. 

And then Karen says: “Oh and last time, I think you left me with a little bit of hair left behind, so can you just make sure that you get every single hair.”

Bianca replies: “I will see what I can do with the three minutes that I have.” 

In the caption, TikTok user @biancathewaxslayer added: “Every minute counts y’all just ‘cause you CAN show up a little late doesn’t mean you should”. 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “I’m stitch on the not showing after Orange Theory part,” which people agreed with. 

Another said: “Gym before wax appt is INSANE”.


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A third shared: “It is one if my biggest pet peeves when someone shows up late and then has to go to the bathroom.”

While a fourth added: “this boosted my ego bc i always show up 15 mins early and fully deeply showered bc i’ll feel bad if not”. 

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