I’m an interior designer & here's 3 things to avoid in your home…they can look so basic, you must get rid of the arches | The Sun

AN INTERIOR designer has revealed the three things that you must avoid in your home.

So if you want your home to impress, you’ll need to listen up.

Posting on social media, Phoenix Grey, who is known online as ‘Design Daddy’, shared his candid thoughts on arches, limewash walls and shiplap slatted walls.

The interior expert first explained: The most important factor in any design style is to make sure it suits the existing architectural style and elements of your home. 

“Otherwise it's going to look so out of place.”

He then said: “Designs I would avoid as an interior designer.

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“Arches – honestly, they are so overused right now.

“Most of the time, they aren’t incorporated into the existing architecture of your home and they feel so out of place.

“They don’t compliment the space and they end up looking super trendy [not in a good way] because they don’t actually match the style and aesthetic of your home.”

He then revealed that limewash isn’t often a good look either, as he noted: “Another one I would avoid if it doesn’t match the architectural style of your home is limewash and micro cement paint.

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“The reason being is that if it’s not done professionally, it ends up looking like you ran out of paint and tried to add water to really extend it as much as possible and it looks messy on your walls.

“It doesn’t give you the same look as it does on Pinterest photos that are heavily Photoshopped.”

Finally, the interior whizz shared his thoughts on shiplap, as he concluded: “I know I’m gonna get some hate for this one and I’m probably going to end up on a mum group Facebook forum saying how much they hate me – the main reason why [shiplap slatted walls] usually look so bad is that it once again has to go with the style of your home and what works with what interior design style you’re actually showcasing.

“Otherwise it looks so out of place and really basic.”

The TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @mrphoenixgrey, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 338,900 views. 

Social media users were left particularly stunned at the expert’s thoughts on arches, which many took to the comments to express.

One person said: “How dare you with the arches slander.”

To this, Phoenix replied: “I personally love them, but a lot of people don’t use them incorrectly.” 

Another added: “Mouth dropped at arches. BUT that does make sense..”

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Whilst a third commented: “I think arches are classic and beautiful.”

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