I'm only buying Christmas presents for one of my kids… haters say I'm miserable but my daughter doesn’t appreciate gifts | The Sun

A MUM has been blasted for revealing she's only buying Christmas presents for one of her kids this year.

Tiffany Chesson, 28, shared her controversial parenting choice on social media and explained why it makes sense to her, despite what haters say.

The mum-of-two gave birth to her daughter back in August and said she doesn't see the point in forking out on gifts the tot won't appreciate.

"Does she need presents? No she doesn't.

"She's too young to understand and appreciate, there is literally no point in buying her a Christmas present," she explained.

Not only that, but Tiffany said even if she wanted to buy her daughter presents she wouldn't be able to afford it.

This is because she's currently only on maternity pay and is having to stick to a bit of a budget.

But that doesn't mean the little one will necessarily go without on the big day, Tiffany isn't against anyone else gifting her daughter presents.

"My friends and family are going to buy her presents and that's okay," she said.

"Next year she'll be 18 months at Christmas and she'll definitely be getting presents then."

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Despite pressure to get at least something for her daughter, the mum put her foot down on the matter.

"I'm not damaging my bank account by trying to keep up with the Joneses and buy her loads of stuff she doesn't need," she added.

Even though she has her reasons for ditching the presents, other parents thought Tiffany was being 'miserable' about it all.

One personal slammed: "One small gift ain't going to kill you," but Tiffany hit back: "I gave her the gift of life!"

A second commented: "How's that going to look to your eldest though?"

Meanwhile, other parents thought her logic made sense and admitted they'd given into the peer pressure to spend when they're kids were young too.

"I wish I wasn't bullied into buying mine Xmas presents for their first Christmas, they were two months then and my second was one month.

"Made zero sense thinking about it," one mum said.

Others suggested the mum should get her daughter at least something small just to keep the magic alive her her son.

"If the older sibling believes in Santa get her something small so they won't question why Santa didn't get her anything," one said.

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And someone else said the mum should get a keepsake for the little one.

"Buy a little book and write in a message for her first Christmas, bring it out every year to read," one parent proposed.

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