I'm in the Air Force – some people say my false eyelashes are too long but they've got nothing to do with the mission | The Sun

A FEMALE member of the US Air Force has vowed to continue wearing her false eyelashes on her watch.

She has shrugged away comments that they are too long and not appropriate for her workplace.

As far as she is concerned they have got nothing to do with the mission and are non-negotiable.

TikTok user Dumplinpumpkin (@monetsaid) has vowed to continue wearing her lavish lashes in the Air Force.

“When somebody tries to tell me my lashes are too long," she said in her post.

She wore her Air Force fleece jacket as she carefully brushed her lashes.

“But this uniform never stopped me from being a bad b***h," she said with cool nonchalance.

“One thing about me, I’m going to do what I want. For certain. At all times."

Female recruits to the Air Force are permitted eyelash extensions, but they must be natural eyelash color and not exceed 14 mm.

But she admitted in the comments section of her post that her lashes went against regulations because hers were 18mm in length.

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There were many women members of the armed forces in the comments section who related to her lash love.

One soldier was brazen about hers: “I went to drill with 17mm and told them with confidence that it was 14mm and they believed me."

A woman in the navy had a similar attitude: “Yeah, the navy is not stopping me from feeling pretty with my long a** wispy lash extensions.”

“Got to keep lashes done," figured another person.

Not lashes, but this lady said her nails were non-negotiable.

“It’d be my nails. I don’t care what the regulation is, it doesn’t stop me from doing my job wearing them.”

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