I've figured out the exact time of day to bag the best bargains at Sainsbury's – I got £4.50 sushi for just 10p | The Sun

A SAVVY shopper has explained why 10.45pm is the best time to nab a bargain at Sainsbury's.

Mills popped to her local supermarket to get a banana, but spotted some sushi that wasn't priced up.

And when she went to ask how much it was, she was told that it was just 10p, because it had that day's date as its best before date.

"We've been told if we can find anything with today's date on it, we can have it for 10p," Mills said in a video on her TikTok page, over the top of which she wrote, " This is why you go to Sainsbury's at 10.45pm!"

She and her friend started scanning the shelves in the hope of finding something else, with her pal commenting that it was "like Supermarket Sweep!"

They then thought they'd hit the jackpot with a protein yoghurt, but then admitted they'd got the date wrong on it.

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"Pretty privilege is a thing though because this is the 7th October and I thought it was the 7th of this month," Mills' friend said.

As Mills added: "So we took it to him anyway and he was like, 'No, that's October. But I'll give it to you for 10p anyway'."

So they ended up getting a £1.10 protein yoghurt, and a £4.50 pack of sushi, for just 10p each.

"I'm the queen of reduced!" Mills concluded.

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"You know where to find me at 10:45 every evening from now on…" she added in the caption.

People were quick to weigh in on the video, with one writing: "They’re getting u to do their job!"

"Aha for 10p I’ll take it!" Mills replied.

"So the shop aren’t doing their job properly by date checking?" another asked.

"Do you just ask?" a third questioned.

To which Mills replied: "Aha the sushi was in the section but no price on it so just asked and they said find anything with todays date and we’ll give it for 10p!!"

"They should do this in all supermarkets, would stop a lot of waste," someone else wrote.

As another shared their own tip, writing: "Quick tip if you drink – alcohol has a month expiry to check them on the last day of the month."


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They then added: "When I worked at m&s the most often missed items that needed reducing was single drinks and cheese, especially those wellness shots."

"Okay this is life changing!" Mills praised.

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