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TIRED of waiting for days on end for your clothes to dry on a drying rack but can't afford to put the tumble dryer on? Tried every clothes drying trick in the book but run out of ideas?

A woman has shared her genius hack for drying clothes in the winter, and it costs just pennies.

Anna Searight shared the tip via a video posted on her TikTok account, where she is known as @annasearightmusic.

In the video, Anna can be seen drying her clothes on a drying rack.

However, instead of just leaving them alone to dry, Anna helps them along their way by placing a standing fan next to the clothes dryer.

She also keeps her window open slightly to allow the breeze from outside to air out the clothes and blow them dry.

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In the video, Anna said: "I hate these cost of living hacks because I feel like the government should be doing more.- but I've found one.

"Fan, clothes, window open – boom".

Fans are super cheap to run and cost about 1p in electricity per hour.

This is much cheaper than tumble dryers, which are by far the most expensive appliance to use and cost about £1.40 per load.

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Therefore, this genius hack will dry your clothes quickly, without breaking the bank.

The only issue with Anna's hack is that it may get quite cold in the room you are drying your clothes in if you're using a fan – so it's probably not the best hack to use when it's freezing outside.

TikTok users rushed to the comments section of Anna's video to share their thoughts on her hack.

One user said: "Cool, it's just like an airfryer for clothes".

Another user added: "I've started to use a drying rack and then use the tumble dryer to finish."

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