I’ve never been as eager to give away my money as I was with the Skims nipple bra, it looks so natural, Kim K's a genius | The Sun

NIPPLES have never known such popularity since a new natural-looking bra took the internet by storm.

One fashion lover has declared herself the latest to be seduced by the Skims nipple bra.

There is no doubt in her mind that Kim Kardashian, co-founder of the shapewear brand, is a genius.

Never has Shemaree Campbell (@shemareee) been so eager to give her money away as she was with this bra.

She shares her love of “beauty, fashion and travel,” on her TikTok.

In this post, she was rendered almost speechless when she tried on her nipple bra.

“I’ve never been so eager to give away my money. I had to have it," she said.

It was a wonder it had never been thought of before: “I've never been so excited for a purchase ever," she said.

"Leave it to Kim Kardashian to figure something out like this."

Fresh from its packaging, Shemaree prepared to try hers on for the first time.

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“Skims nipple bra try-on. I’m so freaking excited for this," she squealed.

Once it was on, she looked amazed at the instant effect.

"My freaking God. This is crazy." But then she experienced some misgivings: “Do they look too far apart?"

She chose the thinnest shirt so see how natural it looked.

"I have rolls, so it’s hard to hide if I’m wearing a bra or not," she said.

“But it didn't take long for her to get used to the idea of built-in nipples.

“I like it. It’s just a mind thing because I’ve worn shirts without a bra and my nipples have been hard.

"It’s just the fact that I’m wearing a bra with a built-in nipple."

Her final verdict was a glowing one: “This looks good to me. Job well done Kim. As always. I’m obsessed."

Commenters agreed she was looking good.

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“It looks very natural," said one person. While another figured it "looked good."

She had persuaded one of her fans, however: “Omg, I want it now.”

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