My 3-ingredient recipe will keep your home smelling fresh – just mix and spray, you can ditch the Febreeze for good | The Sun

A CLEANING whizz who only uses natural products has revealed her toxin-free air freshener.

Containing just three ingredients, her concoction was easy to make and promised to leave your home smelling fresh.

Natural was the way to go, she said, and time to say farewell to Febreeze for good.

“Ditch your toxic air freshener,” insisted a woman in a video for brand Purdy & Figg (@purdyandfigg), “for a natural one.”

She and her partner are queens of the cleaning hack and have built up an enormous following of 301,000 on their TikTok.

Their platform also promised something else using their natural pathway: “Transforming your home into a spa.”

They both firmly believe in the "power of natural cleaning and its benefit to health and home." 

In this post, she tackled unpleasant home odors with her homemade air freshener.

Into a small spray bottle, she added the three ingredients.

First in was a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Then she filled a quarter of the bottle with rubbing alcohol.

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She topped this up with water, screwed down the lid, and gave the bottle a good shake, and she was ready to go.

Even soft fabric furnishings could take this chemical-free air freshener.

“Keeps every room smelling so fresh and toxin-free," she said. “Ditch the Febreeze for good.”

One commenter made an observation: "This is how you make cologne/perfume."

Another vouched for the potion's effectiveness, writing: “I’ve been doing this this last couple of years and will never go back.”

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