Shoppers race to B&M to pick up chic side table that’s scanning for £10 instead of £120 | The Sun

IF you're in the market for some new sideboards in your hallway then B&M is the place to go.

Shoppers are raving about B&M's latest deal which has seen a chic in-demand sideboard go on sale for more than 90% off.

The budget retailer is often praised online for its shopping deals, which can often be found using the scan app on phones.

Plenty of people have found bargains that haven't been advertised in store through the app.

And this shopper was no different.

They headed to their local store in Glasgow when they saw the chic black and rattan sideboards reduced from £120 to £100.


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Sharing a picture of the bargain on the Facebook group, B&M Bargains, Extreme Money Saving Deals & More the shopper was rightly chuffed by her find.

And while she was happy to spend £100 on the one sideboard, when she took it to the till she was stunned to see it scanning for £10 instead and bagged two of them.

She wrote: "My bargain yesterday, box says £100 but scanned at £10, I bought 2 as needed a bigger sideboard."

The savvy shopper took a snap of her receipt to prove her bargain finds as well as a picture of the sideboards in her hallway which added the perfect modern decor.

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People were quick to praise the woman for her bargain find.

One person wrote: "Great bargain!"

Another commented: "They look gorgeous! Well done on this real bargain!"

"Looks beautiful, well done," penned a third.

However, many revealed they were disappointed they never had the same luck as this savvy shopper.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Why can't we find these bargains?"

"Sooo jealous as absolutely love them,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "Once I went to B&M scanned almost everything in the shop, spent two hours in there and I couldn’t even find anything at a lower price than what it was priced at so I gave up and never went there again lol."

Plus, shoppers are going wild for a £12 garden glow-up buy from the budget retailer scanning for just 10p.

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And one bargain hunter found lots of goodies starting at 50p in the B&M summer sale.

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