My boobs were too big for my bridesmaid dress & I only realized two days before, a 'kayak' tip helped but only slightly | The Sun

A NEW Yorker has described her despair after discovering her boobs were too big for her bridesmaid dress.

She only realized the day before the wedding and had given herself hardly any time to rectify the dire situation.

But, once she had collected her thoughts and calmed down, she tried out a "kayak" tip and it helped – but only slightly.

Chloe (@chloyorkcity) is a TV producer and journalist and knows what makes a good story.

But she wasn't expecting to be the subject of this story: “The harrowing journey of my dress," she said.

Due to be a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding, excitement quickly turned to dismay when she discovered the dress gave inadequate coverage around her chest area.

This mattered because the ceremony was a religious conservative one and required some decorum.

Chloe recognised this hence her dilemma with so little time to fix it.

“The seven stages of realizing your boobs are too big for your bridesmaid dress two days before the wedding," she squealed in her post.

From shock and denial, she moved onto anger, bargaining and finally, acceptance.

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When she tried the dress on, the full impact hit her.

“This is really bad. Oh man, I’m going to be the slutty bridesmaid. Oh my God, they’re just out."

Amid her dress drama, she was able to recognize something, however: "But I look so hot."

There was a backup dress, but that wasn't great either: "It is too small. She’s going to kill me. I think I’m having a panic attack," she cried amid tears.

Chloe had a serious problem on her hands: “I’m going to have to figure out how to cover up my boobies.

"I made a game plan. Take booby dress to a tailor."

After emailing her tailor a TikTok of her crying, she felt hopeful the situation was salvagable.

"The dress actually fits like a glove but the bride will not be happy about how low the neckline is," she said.

But, after making plans to square the neckline, which she feared would make her look like a "suffragette", and cost $150, she decided on another course of action.

"I decided to confess to the bride. She said use your best judgement.

"But the thing about me is that I don’t have any."

Moves for her boobs were afoot, however, and Chloe went out and bought some boob tape.

“Strap your boobs down like a kayak on a car roof. So this is what we’re going with."

Commenters loved the lengths she went to to accommodate her friend's wishes.

“I cannot tell you how much respect I have for you. You for simply being a great friend and respecting her wishes," said this person.

It was a similar view from this viewer: “I don’t understand why people feel the need to censor other people’s bodies. But you're awesome for trying to respect her wishes to the fullest.”

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Some questioned the design in the first place: “What did the bride expect with the neckline so low? Anyone would be falling out. You did your best."

And this person said she should have no concerns: “You look amazing. Don’t feel shame about your gorgeous natural self. It’s a beautiful fit.”

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