My controversial tip meant my Christmas tree was lit up and decorated in 15 minutes – but not everyone's on board | The Sun

A HOLIDAY lover has found a lazy girl method for decorating her Christmas tree.

She thought she was winning, but most people thought the time-saving tip had sucked out some of the holiday spirit.

"Last year, I wrapped my tree like this and stored in the garage," said Ziggy (@ziggykitty1).

The tree still had all of its brightly colored ornaments perfectly in place.

The lyrics to Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" played in the background: "You're a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker, don't you mess around with me."

She thought her holiday hack was genius.

"So glad I did – took me 15 minutes to get it done this year," she exclaimed.

All she had to do was take off the wrapping, and voila – a festive, lit up tree had taken center stage in her living area over a red-colored tree skirt.

But not everyone was on board with the tree tip.

"Sorry but no – I like to change it up, but good for you," said one unamused follower.

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"Half the fun of Christmas is putting up the tree and decorating it," said another confused viewer.

Still, she had her reasons: "I’m alone with pets, working all the time, had today to get stuff done."

Another watcher was in disbelief that it stayed untouched.

"And there’s nothing living in it? My garage could never," she said.

Others were impressed with the quick decorating idea.

"Brilliant!" said one inspired follower.

Another Christmas lover said: "Good job and good idea I'm going go do this."

"I've done this for the past five years. Shrink wrap is my best friend," said another.

According to, the average American spends $269 on Christmas decorations each year.

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