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A WOMAN was horrified to discover her 'unhinged' Hinge date had scrawled a message under her toilet seat using two of her lipsticks – warning other men to 'RUN'.

Luna Ray invited the man to her house so they could get to know each other a little before planning to head out with friends later that night – but they never made it that far.

Not long into their first conversation, the 23-year-old decided she wasn't a fan of the unnamed man after several of his less-than-charming comments about threesomes he'd enjoyed left her feeling 'uncomfortable'.

In an attempt to spare his feelings, the TikTok influencer made up the excuse that she was not yet over an old beau, and suggested that they should go separate ways.

But before the lothario left he asked to use her bathroom, where she later discovered he left his mobile number underneath the toilet seat along with an oafish scrawl that read: 'She is effing her ex. RUN'.

After her flatmate's boyfriend discovered the bizarre message days later, Luna realised her decision to cut the date short was right upon seeing the 'pathetic' and 'unsanitary' scribble.

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Forced to bin two of her favourite lipsticks that had been used to write the note, Luna is glad she broke it off and encourages other women out there to 'go with their gut'.

Luna, from Michigan, US, said: "I invited this guy to come out with me and a group of my friends to come to the bar.

"He came before my friends actually got there, I was kind of trying to do 'damage control'.

"He started talking about how he was a very worldly man and had toured the world.

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"Straight away he said that in France there were these two girls that wanted to have a three way with him. He was just not very charming.

"I basically told him I wasn't feeling him, and as an excuse said I wasn't over my ex-boyfriend.

"It was an excuse that I made up to spare his feelings, I guess.

"He then left before my friends actually showed up.

"He asked me, 'Can I use your restroom before I leave?', which was fine of course.

"I didn't know he'd written anything until the next day my roommate called me and was like 'what the hell happened to our toilet?'

"Her boyfriend had opened the seat and went to use the restroom and saw all this writing.

"He was trying to warn people, it said 'She is effing her ex, run' and he included his phone number so they could contact him for more information."

After wasting two perfectly good lipsticks, the womaniser had placed them back on her bathroom counter – where the influencer only nearly missed using them again.

Luna said: "Initially I thought it was kind of funny, but I no longer feel that way as he used my lipstick which is so unsanitary.

"He actually used two different shades of lipstick and put them both back on the counter, hoping I'd use the dirty lipsticks again.

"It's kind of funny until you consider that. I threw them away straight after that.

"He'd obviously believed my story about the ex-boyfriend.

He was trying to warn people, it said 'She is effing her ex, run' and he included his phone number so they could contact him for more information'

"It made me just think 'wow, yeah, this person is pretty pathetic and insecure'. I knew I was right. It's a bit unhinged.

"The video going viral has been a bit frustrating. There's been a lot of men taking his side and thinking it's funny, but not taking into account how messed up it really is."

Since the 'messed-up' and awkward encounter, Luna has come off all online dating apps.

She now advises other women out there to go with their gut, especially if they feel uncomfortable on a date.

Luna said: "If I had any advice to other women out there I'd say to always go with your gut feeling. You don't owe anybody your time.

"As soon as you feel uncomfortable, don't waste your time or someone else's time.

"Also probably don't invite someone into your home. Even though I had friends that were coming, definitely take precaution and don't give your address to someone."

She posted the video online with the caption: "Kicked out a hinge date within 15 minutes of meeting him because of bad vibes and he asked to use the bathroom before leaving AND USED MY LIPSTICK TO WRITE ALL OVER THE SEAT. 

“He also wrote 'she is effing her ex' because i tried to spare his feelings by telling him i wasn’t over my ex boyfriend :)"

The video received more than five million views, 230,000 likes, and 3400 comments.

One person commented: "The thought process he must’ve gone through to consider doing this [nervous emoji]."

Another said: "You dodged a bullet."

Another said: "I’m just sad about the lipstick, like excuse me."

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Another said: "My man was looking out for the next guy."

A final put: "Did he not think she cleans the underside of the toilet like what kind of plan was this lol."

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