My easy DIY trick will warm up your house in 15 minutes – you don't need to turn the heat up or raise your energy bill | The Sun

A DIY-SAVVY homeowner has revealed how she warms each room of her house without using radiators.

She demonstrated the must-try hack using a selection of items most people already own. 

Posting under the handle @queenscurlz on TikTok, the woman revealed how she keeps her home warm without raising her energy bills.

“This is what you need this winter,” the text over the video read. 

She showed a tray containing three tealight candles in terracotta pots as she began to list other items needed for the hack.

“Terracotta pots, tea lights, bolts and washers,” the text continued.

“Wire and a jump rope handle – safe lid.”

She covered the candles with a larger terracotta pot that had a handle attached and claimed the homemade gadget would warm up a room in just 15 minutes.

She captioned the post: “This is the best DIY this winter! Easy to make and keeps warm with no added radiators.

“Make it and tag me in your creations! Share with everyone so we all stay warm this winter.”

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The video went viral with over 45,000 views and thousands of likes from people who were grateful for the money-saving tip.

She advised anyone who wants to heat up a big room to make more than one of the gadgets.

Commenters were amazed by the hack and said they were eager to try it for themselves. 

“This is the best one I’ve seen yet! Well done!” one person quipped. 

“Thank you!! Now I can stay warm,” another said. 

“I’ve seen quite a few of these and yours is the most attractive and functional. I am still fearful of having this indoors. Successful all winter?” a third penned.

“Thank you so much for your kind words! We have it running indoors as much as possible right now. Having a strong base underneath is key,” the TikToker replied.

“How do the candles not turn off if there are no holes up top? I need to try this, I heard it’s going to be bad again during Xmas,” another wrote.

“There is enough air and instead they warm up the terracotta which then holds onto the heat. In bigger rooms you will need more than one,” the TikToker responded. 

The advice comes after another homeowner revealed how a budget buy helps them to avoid pesky drafts.

The Cosy Club (@the.cosyclub) shared the hack with their over 12,000 followers on TikTok.

“So much heat escapes through drafts in the windows,” the text over the video read.

“Use window draft blockers on the edges of your windows.

“They are cheap and easy to buy.”

A woman showed the process of applying a strip of draft blocker around the edges of her windows to block any gaps.

A similar foam tape that helps to insulate windows is available to purchase on Amazon for just $13. 

“Stop drafts from ruining your winter! Energy prices are crazy, but we will keep you cozy,” she added.

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