My gown got ruined at my wedding – my bridesmaids' dresses were a mess too, I have a warning for other brides | The Sun

A NEW bride has shared her wedding horror story after her gown was ruined after her special day.

It wasn't just hers either. Her bridesmaids' dresses were a terrible mess too.

She appeared in a state of disbelief in her TikTok as she shared her sorry tale.

Shelby Jolly (@shelby.jollyy), from Washington DC, wanted to warn other brides planning their big day outside.

“Brides, if you are having an outdoor wedding, always ask what the dance floor is made of or this could happen," she said.

The shock was still very real for Shelby when her disaster of a frock appeared on the screen.

“My wedding dress is ruined," she wailed.

“If you’re married and you think your wedding dress got dirty on the night of your wedding, you have not seen anything.

“This is what my [mine] currently looks like."

It was in a very sorry state. The bottom of the floor-length gown was caked in a black substance, and it was proving difficult to remove.

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“Seriously, so sad," she said.

Attempts to remove it had proved fruitless.

"My mom took it to ten different dry cleaners and they literally refused to even try."

Even they said there was little that could be done.

Finally, one dry cleaner agreed to try, but they weren’t very hopeful.

“They’re like, ‘we don’t know what it is so we don’t know how to treat it.'"

But it soon became apparent that the guilty culprit was the dance floor from the wedding venue.

So she called them: “What the heck is on your dance floor?

"It’s ruining everyone’s dresses because all the bridesmaids' dresses were like this too."

The finger of suspicion fell on the concrete/asphalt surface.

Shelby despaired: “I’m going to have to chop the bottom off.

"Be aware everyone," she said to prospective brides.

Commenters said don't give up yet, there were still other options available to her.

Her wedding gown may be salvaged yet.

One offered this suggestion: “The wedding gown preservation company can work miracles.

"I work in a bridal boutique and I’ve seen them get out blood, red wine, vomit, you name it.”

Another person had this thought: “Omg, mine was like this, if not worse. I sent it off to a preservation cleaner and it came back white.”


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But there was a positive twist on her misery from this viewer.

“Could shorten it and then wear it to a vow renewal on your first anniversary and make it a sweet memory.”

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