Eamonn Holmes admits being ‘helpless’ in update after ‘losing full mobility’

GB News: Eamonn Holmes discusses his health

Eamonn Holmes has admitted feeling “helpless” in his latest health update following spinal injury and a fall last year.

The GB News presenter opened up about his struggles in a new interview with best magazine, after losing “full mobility”.

“Well, I can walk if that’s what you mean (50 steps, to be exact) but I now accept life is easier with help from others. Getting around with crutches is exhausting. I wish I could walk further but, for now, I can’t,” he announced.

“Humble, helpless but grateful.

“The good news is the op last year cured me of my back pain… I lost full mobility. I’m doing everything I can to get better. But it’s slow.”

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Eamonn has also admitted that people have made fun of him for using a mobility scooter.

He added: “Well, some people were mocking me on social media last night. ‘Oh, look at Eamonn, he’s in a mobility scooter!’

“I replied, saying: ‘I would prefer if I wasn’t in it but how else would I have got around?’

“The alternative is I don’t go anywhere, and I sit in my armchair, work in the office.”

He said simple tasks like going to the cinema were a “terrible effort”.

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Eamonn Holmes’ interview in the latest issue of best [BEST]

Speaking about the future, Eamonn revealed that he hasn’t lost his desire to work.

“For the short term it’s to have someone with me, assisting me. Will it go on for six months? A year?” he added.

“I don’t know but I haven’t lost my need to work. What is the point of not doing things? I thank God that mentally I can cope… I have a joie de vivre.”

The full interview can be read in the new issue of best magazine.

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