My Thanksgiving side dish is great for people who don’t cook – it's cheap but looks fancy, your family will be so proud | The Sun

A CRAFTY cook has revealed her go-to Thanksgiving side dish for when she wants to impress guests but doesn't want to cook.

She said not only does it look good but the appetizer is also fancy enough to make your family proud.

Emily (@emilybrookejohnson) shared the video with over 59,000 TikTok followers.

The blonde stood in her kitchen holding up some crackers and dip as she excitedly revealed her affordable holiday hack.

The content creator encouraged people to not look the way she did, showing up with store-bought goods.

"Bestie, I know you don't cook but don't show up to Thanksgiving get-togethers this month looking like that," she joked.

"Thanksgiving side idea for those who don’t cook and on a budget."

Instead, she had a much better alternative: "Go to the store, buy a four-dollar spinach dip, this fancy loaf of bread, $2.50, cut the inside out, add your spinach dip to it," she said, gutting the bread.

After adding the dip, she furnished the dip-bread with crackers on a wooden board.

The key, she said, rested in the details: "Make it look all fancy, your family is going to be so proud of you girl," she said.

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Other creators shared their affordable and creative holiday meals, including Lucy, who made a trip to the Dollar Tree for her $19 spread.

The content creator purchased 15 items and spent just $19 at the chain and was able to put together an appetizer, dinner, dessert, and drinks for two.

Her final spread, which included pumpkin pie, apple cider, mashed potatoes, honey ham, biscuits, gravy, green beans, bacon-topped meatballs, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes, shocked viewers.

Lucy revealed that she enjoyed making delicious meals for cheap in honor of the homeless, and in memory of her deceased brother.

"Anything I did, he was honestly one of my biggest cheerleaders," she said.

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