People are just realising there's a correct way to fold a fitted sheet, and it's blowing their minds | The Sun

WHEN it comes to folding bedding, fitted sheets are arguably the most hated part of the process.

And while many of us just messily wrap the sheet up as best we can, one woman has revealed there's a hack to fold it neatly and easily.

"I'm pretty sure you're all messing with me right now because this is how we fold a fitted sheet?" Jess began her TikTok video, demonstrating the usual messy wrap.

"No, that's not how we fold a fitted sheet!

"This is not rocket science. My college roommate's boyfriend taught me how to do this.

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"Thank you Darren. It's a life lesson I'll never forget."

Start with your fitted sheet inside out.

"You're going to stick your little hands inside of your sheet, you're going to put your pointer finger into the corners of your sheet.

"You're going to take your fingers, touch them together and then flip it over on itself.

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"All of these corners in here, right side in now."

Once you've done that, take the side you've just folded, and transfer it from your right to your left hand.

Then take your left hand, put it in the sheet and slide it across to find the next corner.

"Your hands are in the corners of your sheets, and it's essentially folded in on itself," she added.

"Are you with me?"

Then take your pointer fingers again, touch them together and flip the folded part of the sheet over the other side.

Now you have "all four corners of your fitted sheet, the right side is now out, on this hand," Jess said.

The next step is to lay it down – preferably on a bed but Jess used her kitchen counter.

She then spread it out, folding the elasticated sections in as she did so.

"And you can see, your goal is to have all of your corners right here, and it's essentially a square."

Jess then took one half of the folded sheet and folded it again in a third.

She then took the other section, and folded it over the top.

Once that was done, she folded it from the bottom up, to make a neat folded sheet.

"It's not the prettiest fitted sheet I've ever folded," she admitted.

"But it's better than a crumpled up mess that you guys are doing.

"Get real."

"You’ve already taught me more than my parents have about life," one person commented on the video.

As another added: "You yelled at us but I liked it and can now fold a fitted sheet."

"As a former commercial launder this is absolutely correct," a third wrote.

"I learned this while working for a hotel doing laundry," someone else added.


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"Pretty nifty trick lol."

"My husband was mind-blown when I showed him this before we got married and now he always folds sheets this way LOL," another wrote.

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