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THE Jammie Dodger is a classic biscuit – right up there with chocolate digestives, rich tea and the custard cream.

The manufacturer Burton Biscuits recently also removed milk protein from the recipe to make them suitable for vegans.

A pack will now set you back around 85p in most shops, which is far more than most supermarkets charge for their own-brand biscuits.

But are they worth the extra pennies? Or is there a cheaper alternative that tastes just as good?

We asked Lynsey Hope, 42, from West Malling, Kent, to find out:

Jammie Dodgers (140g)

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Biting into one of these, they taste exactly as I remember them tasting 20 years ago.

The jam was sticky and gooey and the biscuit was light and airy.

They’re a good size, and a perfect treat if you have a sweet tooth.

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M&S Jam Sandwich Creams (150g)

M&S biscuits are softer with a more delicate flavourCredit: Oliver Dixon

Unlike the originals, the M&S version contains raspberry jam but also some smooth vanilla-flavoured cream.

This gave them a softer, more delicate flavour and they weren’t as chewy to eat.  

A great price from M&S too, they are the same price as Aldi’s biscuits. The ultimate teatime treat.

Jam Sandwich Creams by Sainsbury's (150g)

Identical to the M&S biscuits, but for a fraction of the price.

There's more cream in the centre than jam, but I liked them all the better for that.

Slightly higher in calories than most but small, sweet and perfectly formed.

I’ll be stocking up on these.

Asda Jam and Creams (150g)

A bigger and crumblier biscuit than most others, I found these a bit of a mess to eat.

The jam was sticky and I ended up spilling crumbs everywhere as I took a bite and tried to pull it away with my teeth.

The biscuit itself looked attractive but I found it to be a little dry."

Fox's Jam 'n' Cream (150g)

Not cheap, these Fox’s biscuits are the same price as the original but they do taste lovely and contain a generous amount of filling.

The vanilla flavour is not too strong but the jam was tasty. A lovely crumbly biscuit. Very more-ish.

Aldi Belmont Jammie Wheels (140g)

If it's the Jammie Dodger you like, this is the closest copycat.

They are virtually identical to the real thing and you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference.

The biscuit might have been a tad on the dry side, but for this price, I'm not complaining.

Buy a pack of these a week instead of the real deal and you'll save yourself over £10 in a year.

Lidl Tower Gate Mini Jammy Wheels

Lidl offers these little mini bags rather than traditional biscuits.

They are expensive per 100g even compared to the original Jammie Dodgers, but they did last longer and were super handy for kids' lunch boxes and picnics.

They tasted good too.


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You get four in the bag and one is basically a mouthful, but each tiny biscuit was sweet and delicious.

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