Primark is selling a cult favourite dupe of Bobbi Brown's Face Base primer and it's on SALE for less than £3 | The Sun

MONEY-SAVING shopper are scrambling to Primark where you can bag a dupe of the posh Bobbi Brown Face Base for under a fiver.

Fellow Primark fans will know that their Vitamin Enriched Moisturising Primer has been around for a few years – but now the cult favourite product's on sale for even cheaper.

According to the store, you can now get your hands on the must-have dupe for just £2.50, after it has been slashed from £4.50 – and it's the perfect additon for any Christmas pressie this season.

Unlike its cheaper version, the more luxe twin retails for an eye-watering £52 at Boots, meaning shoppers are saving a whopping £49.50 if they pick up the lookalike at Primark.

The bargain buy has also received a number of positive reviews online, with customers saying that the only thing different – apart from the price tag – is the scent.

Sharing her thoughts on the Primark budget buy, one shopper, Amelia Olivia, said: "This doesn't have a scent – like if you use this one [Bobbi Brown] you know it's just such a nice smell.



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"It literally feels like the same texture… so yeah this one [Primark] feels a little bit thicker, but it feels nice," Amelia added.

"It feels so good. It's blended out and it mainly feels the same… they feel exactly the same and just look amazing on the skin."

Comparing the two sides, she gave her final verdict and revealed: "I'm not even joking I think I prefer the Primark side, I think it's a dupe.

''Look how flawless that side looks, it looks the same as this one."

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The moisturising skincare essential is the perfect way to tart your make-up routine with the help of vitamins E, C, and Niacinamide, the retailer wrote in the description online.

''Formulated to ensure your skin's moisture barrier is protected and balanced, this gentle yet effective primer delivers key ingredients including oat oil and shea butter to the skin to ensure essential hydration is maintained all day long.

''Use as the final part of your skincare routine before the application of makeup and allow to absorb into the skin before applying your makeup base!''

However, while the item is available for ordering online, it appears the £2.50 offer is only available in-store.

Advising shoppers to not sleep on the bargain deal, the Primark, Basildon account wrote on TikTok: ''Drop whatever you are doing and stock up on the viral primer.''

And before you begin to worry – don't. The viral primer is not going to be discontinued, the brand reassured concerned social media users.

One Primark fanatic wrote: ''All stores. I grabbed 2 each for me and my daughter great for Xmas basket.

''They also had the professional dupe one for £2.50 too!''

Someone else was also raving about the skincare find, writing: ''Best primer ever, got some yesterday.''

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''I got loads yesterday,'' a third chimed in.

''I don’t see the hype on this. It doesn’t make your foundation stick at all, it actually wipes it off for me,'' a fourth wasn't so impressed.

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