The £20 Lush product that's lasting people YEARS – it'll make your bathroom smell like candy floss too | The Sun

IT'S the scent of Christmas for many people.

But Lush's Snow Fairy products don't come cheap, with a fragranced candle selling for £36.

So it's no wonder a £20 Snow Fairy bubble bar is proving so popular – as it can be cut up to make multiple bath bombs.

Isabella is one of the people who splashed out on the gorgeous pink and white rolled up bar.

But then for extra value she decided to divide it into small pieces she could then use in numerous baths.

"How many baths can I get from the big Snow Fairy roll?" she wrote over her TikTok video.

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She got a glass jar to store the pieces in, and got to work with a super sharp knife.

She began by cutting it into half and then into quarters, as she noted: "This feels so satisying".

Isabella initially got 20 pieces from the bar, but then noted: "This bubble bar is so thick, I'm going to halve the pieces."

She then started to cut the bigger pieces into smaller ones, as she wrote: "My kitchen smells so sweet right now, like candy floss.

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"So good!"

Isabella added she was "so curious" to see how many pieces she could get from the bar.

Before revealing that she managed to get 42 separate pieces from the bar.

"I'm having lots of Snow Fairy baths in December!" she laughed.

Other people in the comments section were quick to admit they also managed to make theirs go far.

"I have one that I’ve had two years. Still at least a 1/3rd left," one said.

"I used to grate mine up and use a sieve to get the most bubbles and use out of them," another added.

"That’s a good idea!" Isabella said.

"I usually make mine a powder or grate it and add it to one of those small like veg bags and hang it over the tap!!" a third revealed.

"Works like a charm."

"I didn’t realise how big it was until you starting cutting it!" someone else admitted, to which Isabella revealed it's bigger than her head.

"Last year I cut mine with cookie cutters!" another said.

As someone else wrote: "What a wonderful idea!

"I will try this,and pack them as gifts.

"Thank you for sharing!"

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