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MASCARA is a staple of most people’s make-up routine, instantly opening up your eyes and making you appear more refreshed.

And according to professional make-up artist Saffron Hughes – from FalseEyelashes, a site where you can nab a fab range of top-notch falsies – with a few simple tweaks, your lash lacquer can make you appear instantly more youthful. 

“I’d argue that using a mascara wand to enhance your eyes can do more for maintaining a youthful look than concealer,” the cosmetics whizz argues. 

“As we age, the skin around our eyes tends to become more hooded, and the area beneath our eyes may lose volume, leading to the appearance of darker circles. 

“Mascara application effectively draws attention away from these signs of ageing and redirects the focus to the unaffected part of the eye: the colourful iris.” 

Saffron says one of the easiest hacks to age backwards in an instant is to use coloured mascaras. 

The controversial noughties staple has plenty of haters, but is in fact one of the quickest ways to take years off your appearance. 

“Eye colour remains constant as we age,” the lashes buff explains,

“Draw attention to your beautiful eye colour by experimenting with coloured mascaras. This can divert unwanted attention away from other ageing aspects of the eyes. 

“According to natural colour theory, brown mascara compliments blue eyes, while a red-tinted mascara enhances emerald tones for green-eyed makeup lovers. 

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“For those with rich brown eyes, a navy mascara can work wonders.” 

Saffron also have a few other easy recommendations to make sure your mascara application is always on point. 

She emphasises the importance of eyelash curling, because as we age, the hairs naturally become straighter and thinner. 

“The curling process opens up the eyes and diminishes the appearance of hooded eyes,” the MUA adds, 

The canny cosmetics pro also highlights the importance of accentuating certain parts of the lash line more than others. 

“When applying extra mascara after you base layer,” she tells readers, “pay special attention to the outer third of your lashes.” 

For an even wider-eyed and more youthful appearance, “apply pencil eyeliner along the outer third of your line. 

“This technique enhances the thickness of the lashes on the outer third of your eye, resulting in a broader and more youthful look.” 

And Saffron also has an easy method to avoid the dreaded clumping that makes your look appear super messy. 

“Before applying the first layer of mascara,” the beauty buff says, “wipe off excess product from the mascara wand with a tissue. 


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“This ensures that the lashes remain separated.” 

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