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WHILE we all want our bathroom to look amazing and leave our guests impressed, it turns out that there’s five popular trends that you need to ditch immediately.

Particularly when it comes to keeping your space clean, according to a luxury bathroom specialist, colourful cabinets are a nightmare to clean and mix and match tiles have got to go. 

Rikki Fothergill, from Big Bathroom Shop, has revealed this year’s leading bathroom design trends and which to avoid if you want an easy to clean bathroom.

Decorative lighting

A show stopping light fixture can make all the difference when renovating your bathroom, especially if you don’t have much room to work with. 

But bathroom style expert Rikki Fothergill said: “Decorative lighting often comes in unique and obscure shapes and sizes, meaning their multiple edges and corners are a breeding ground for dust and dirt.

“Their unusual shapes also make them awkward and delicate to clean and so it is important to take extra care when cleaning them – something many of us don’t have the extra time to do.”

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For an easier alternative, Rikki suggested drum style light shades with an open top and bottom as they have less surface area, or hanging exposed lightbulb fixtures, which can give more of an edgy feel to the bathroom.

Mix and match tiles

Tiles are one of the simplest ways to give character and uniqueness to your bathroom, as they are very customisable. 

Yet, Rikki noted: “Whacky tile patterns may look aesthetic, but they expose much more grout, which is notoriously one of the most difficult materials to clean. 

“It is a breeding ground for black mould and any marks will show up easily, making your bathroom appear far from stylish.”

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If you are wanting to customise your bathroom and switch up its design, Rikki suggested using larger tiles or shower panels that work best for a low maintenance bathroom, as there will be less grout exposed. 

This will also save time when it comes to cleaning.

Japandi design

This up-and-coming design, which mixes both Scandi and Japanese styles, incorporates a lot of wooden features, from panels to cabinets. The bathroom style brings a feel of the outside indoors, utilising natural finishes.

However, Rikki claimed: “The bathroom produces moisture, and with so much wood used within Japandi design this could become a cleaning disaster. 

“Moisture leads to mildew and mould, which are very difficult to clean and become hazardous over time. 

“Wood also expands and shrinks with temperature changes, meaning for potential expensive upkeep.”

Rikki then advised: “If you would like to incorporate the Japandi style, it is advised to incorporate smaller wooden features, such as mirror frames, vases or picture frames. 

“These will be much easier to clean and can be replaced easily and at a much smaller cost.”

Pedestal sinks

A pedestal sink is a staple in many households, but it is actually one of the hardest designs to clean, according to Rikki.

The expert penned: “With it being fixed to the floor, it is quite difficult to get around the back to clean, and so most people tend to neglect this area. 

“Doing so leads to long term dust and dirt build up or even tough stains.”

Instead, Rikki recommended countertop sinks, as she continued: “If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, instead go for a countertop sink. These are quick and easy to clean as they are so accessible. 

“This will speed up your cleaning routine immensely and won’t make you break a sweat.”

Colourful cabinets

Finally, adding a colourful lick of paint to your bathroom has been a standout trend for 2023, but experts warn that this could become a cleaning nightmare.

Rikki wrote: “Bright colours are notorious for showing up the smallest of scratches, marks or chips, and so as aesthetic as they may be, colourful cabinets could become high maintenance.

“To add a bit of colour to your bathroom whilst minimising cleaning efforts, look for darker colours, such as forest green, as these will hide small everyday marks. 


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“Although, for those with small bathrooms, it is important to mention that darker colours may create the illusion that your bathroom is smaller than it is.”

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