The moment a woman left people stunned by going 'trouser free' in a car park | The Sun

A WOMAN has left people stunned after apparently going trouser free in a car park.

A video of the moment was shared on Instagram, with the person who posted it admitting they thought she had wrinkled trousers on.

However, upon closer inspection, it appeared that she may have decided to go bottom-free.

The woman was standing by the boot of a car with a friend when she was caught on camera.

"How you just out in public like that?" one wrote in the comments section of the video.

"This is one of my worst nightmares, going out in public and forgetting to wear pants," another added.

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"Uhmmmm Is she naked? Her back looks like her front. I’m confused," a third commented.

"Ma'am, are you wearing bottoms?" someone else asked.

"That's a lot of confidence," another wrote.

As someone else said: "So now we can just come outside naked?

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"Isn't that indecent exposure?"

But others insisted the woman was wearing shorts – which were so close to her skin colour that she gave the illusion that she was naked from the waist down.

"She wearing shorts I believe, same colour as her skin," one wrote.

"She is wearing nude shorts, you can see the hem above the back of her knee," another added.

"I looked really good it's hard to see but it's biker shorts the same colour as her legs," a third commented.

"You are absolutely right! I see the shorts too!!" someone else chimed in.

"She got like skin tight nude shorts that are just a hint darker than her skin…" another said.

"it’s so hard to tell but she does have something on she just needa put a new something on."

"She has on earth tone shorts I watched this video for a whole hour," someone else admitted.

As another commented: "I've heard people say this but I just have to repeat it.

"Skin tone coloured clothing unless it's underwear should be illegal cuz I thought I was looking at bare a*s for a second.

"Not a second. A good couple of seconds.

"I watch this video like maybe three or four times before I realised that she actually had pants on."

"I don’t know why white people wear these pants," someone else said.

While another wrote: "She's wearing thin nude shorts you can see the lines faintly, BUT THEY'RE THERE – biker length shorts."

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