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WE usually think of pricey Botox injections and surgeries when it comes to shaving years off your face – but what if you could look a decade younger with the right hairdo?

That's right, according to beauty experts you can start the New Year with a more youthful appearance just by visiting your favourite hairdresser.

Although it might be tempting to stick to the same old hairstyle you've been sporting for the last few years, 2024 is the time to totally revamp yourself – and don't be scared to experiment.

Sharing her top anti-ageing tips and tricks, one professional hairdresser, Glam Girl Gabi, revealed which haircuts will make you look younger – and the ones to avoid at all costs.

''You can completely transform the way someone looks and feels by giving them a great haircut that is not only suitable for their age but complementary to their age,'' she explained in a video shared on her YouTube channel, Glam Girl Gabi.

Long locks

Many tend to advise that long hair only belongs to those who are younger.


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But according to the whizz, who's been in the industry for close to two decades, having long and healthy locks in one of the ways to appear more ''feminine'' and youthful.

Even if you are over the age of 50, long hair can make all the difference, Gabi said in her video – but there is a slight catch.

As the pro explained, having longer hair instantly makes the eyes go down and focus on your face – which by the age of late 30s will already have the first signs of ageing.

What's more, the long hair will also create something she called the ''dragged down effect''.

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''When you've lost volume in your face and when your eye is dragged down from your haircut what can happen is you can end up looking more tired, you end up lacking radiance and you end up looking older.''

Luckily, she added, there is a solution – by keeping your hair slightly below the shoulder area and adding layering where possible.

''When you expand the hair, you create movement and width – and when you create width you also create an illusion that that width is also in the face.

''Width = volume = youth = radiance.''

Follow the trends

According to Gabi, who boasts more than 312k subscribers on the platform, it's also essential to keep up with the latest trends in the fashion and beauty world.

''If you start styling your hair in the way that is in style now or that very current it's going to make you look fashionable, it's going to make you look youthful and kind of in with the times.

''If you continue to style your hair the way you did when you were younger in the 80s and 90s you're automatically going to tell people that you're not as current, that you're not as fashionable – which kind of makes you by default look older.''

Sleek bob

The chic bob – whether super sleek or a bit messy – has been all the rage for the last few years, and looks like we won't be getting rid of this elegant hairdo any time soon, and rightly so.

The reason this haircut is so flattering for those 50+, Gabi explained, is that it's both trendy and ''super sophisticated'' – and it also gives you a free facelift.

''It makes your face look signiciantly more full with way less effort than if you have long hair.''

With bobs, she added, there's also plenty of choice on how you want to style it – such as a gradual bob, a straight bob and one complete with a fabulous fringe.

Fringes & bangs

''Bangs can be an absolute godsend to your hairstyle […] – they can make you look so much more beautiful.''

Gabi noted that not only will they add more volume to your face and shorten it, bangs also do a fantastic job at hiding any wrinkles and fine lines, if that's something you're self-conscious about – a win-win.

Those who regularly dye their locks can also ''add an instant warmth to your skintone'', the whizz added.

''When we age, we tend to lose a bit of colour, so if you're adding like a warm blonde or a nice warm brown right into the front of your face, you're kind of bringing that whole thing into your actual skintone.

''That can be incredibly flattering.''

The Pixie

Although the so-called pixie can work wonders for one's face, it can also go horribly wrong – and here, it's key to not get too excited and chop too much off.

''When you have a pixie cut that is too, too short, you take away the hair's ability to create any illusion – so all you're going to focus on is the face.''

Gabi warned that there are certain elements of your appearance that you want to ''camouflage'', for instance, a little extra weight under your chin, having an extremely short pixie will reveal it ''straight away''.

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An awesome way to really pull off a pixie when you're mature, she added, is ensuring that the front of the hairdo has some length, so think Kris Jenner and other celebs.

There is also another big no-no – and that's getting the ''standard grandma pixie cut'' which typically are not customised to your face shape and won't make you a trendy babe.

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