Mum shows how influencers hide tummies with simple posing trick

A mum is showing how easy it is for influencers to make themselves look thinner – by flaunting her natural tummy.

Brooke Sherbert, AKA Raising Romey to her over 28,000 Instagram followers, is known for sharing body positive content online. She recently took a break from promoting mid-size fashion to talk about social media.

In a bid to show the digital world is not all that it seems, she shared some comparison pictures of herself. One showed what her body looked like posed, and the other is when she's relaxed.

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The mum was seen posing in black lingerie, but looks different in each picture. Her tummy looks a lot leaner when she poses and sucks in, and said a lot of people do it when they pose for the camera.

When she relaxes her body, her tummy looks fuller and you can see her stretch marks. Even though the images differ, she looks amazing in both snaps.

Donning wavy hair and natural make-up, she showed that all women can look great in lingerie – no matter what your shape or size. It acts as a crucial reminder not to compare yourself to images you see on social media.

Writing on Instagram, Brooke said: "Going back to where my body acceptance posts started with a posed vs relaxed. I always think these posts are good to show how easy it is to compare yourself to photos online when you don't always see the full picture – you are seeing a posed photo with good lighting and angles!

"Please always remember that comparison is the thief of joy!"

Dozens of people liked the post since it's been shared, and she's been dubbed "beautiful" by her followers. They said they always think she looks great in all her pictures.

Back last month Brooke opened up about how she thinks all mums deserve to feel good about themselves. The mum said women seem to follow a certain narrative that needs to be changed.

She thinks a lot of people spend time thinking they're "ugly" and then they look back at old pictures and think they were "hot". It's a cycle that continues to repeat itself, and she thinks it's a waste of time.

At the time, she ran a survey on social media to see how women view themselves and their bodies, and the results were shocking.

To show that you can feel good and confident at any shape or size she stripped down to a bikini to show off her bod. She looked amazing, and definitely confirmed how sexy it is to be curvy.

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