You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the secret trophy hidden among the world flags in under 49 seconds | The Sun

READERS have been challenged to spot the trophy concealed among the flags.

Brainteaser lovers face a race against time to find the cup within 49 seconds.

The mind-boggling illusion is bursting with color as the puzzle has been packed with the flags of different nations.

Readers should be able to identify the flags of nations such as England, Scotland, South Africa, Japan, Argentina, France, and Portugal.

Those who don't love geography shouldn't fear as the puzzle doesn't ask you to name the countries based on their flags.

A cup has been concealed among the colorful scene. Readers might be able to say they have the eyes of a hawk if they can find the golden prize.

Those who are struggling should break down the puzzle into sections.

Readers should be able to notice a flag that consists of a blue and a green triangle. There is a band of red that divides the two shapes.

That is the flag of Namibia – a country in southwest Africa.

The trophy has been expertly hidden by the puzzle's creators Live Rugby Tickets in the sunshine on the flag.

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Did you beat the clock and find the trophy before the time ran out?

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