You’ve got 20/20 vision if can spot camouflaged dog hidden in the snow in under 10 seconds before it runs from trees | The Sun

READERS might be able to boast that they have 20/20 vision if they can see the dog in this winter scene.

But viewers have been challenged to spot the husky before it starts to move.

A TikToker (@_x_yomama) shared a clip where her pet dog was playing in the snow.

She challenged viewers to find the animal as she shared her hide-and-seek challenge.

Readers' eyes have been darting across the video as they try to find the pooch or spot any clues that could point them in the right direction.

After about nine seconds, the animal can be seen barrelling out of the branches and into the snow.

The dog then picks up speed as it rushes toward its owner.

Did you manage to spot the animal while it was among the branches and twigs?

If this brain teaser proved too testing, then see if you can find the cat in the witch’s hat.

Readers have been warned that they must find the feline within 30 seconds.

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