You've got the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the great potoo bird hidden in the trees in under 7 seconds | The Sun

ONLY people with impeccable vision have spotted the great potoo bird hidden in the trees in just seven seconds.

Although the quest to find it proves to be quite challenging due to leaves and shrubbery, those with sharp eyes can surely manage.

Naturalist Gabriel Willow took the photo of the great potoo bird, now stored in the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

The great potoo, or Nyctibius grandis, is a South American bird and is the largest of the potoo species.

The bird is a nocturnal predator, usually picking spots high above the ground to forage and stalk prey.

It spends most of the day perched on tree stumps, blending right in with the background.

Unbeknownst to unsuspecting prey like crickets and grasshoppers, the bird is busy figuring out how to catch them.

This great potoo bird is no exception, choosing to hibernate in the trees for the moment while it plots its next meal.

It can be easy to lose the creature among all the branches and leaves but don't feel discouraged.

After all, it has over three centuries of hiding practice in its bloodline.

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For those who need a bit of help, we've included the solution to the puzzle below.

Tips for finding a camouflaged potoo bird include waiting until the sun falls, at night.

It can be located easily in the dark thanks to the reflection of light from its eyes as it sits vertically on a tree trunk.

Itching for another challenge? Try your hand at finding the eel hiding in the coral in under 12 seconds.

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