‘You’ve got to be kidding, they're not for the weak’, Vet slammed over list of top dog breeds best for first-time owners | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL veterinarian has come under fire over his list of breed names first-time dog owners should get. 

Amir Anwary, who lives in South Africa, often uses his social media account to share his top tips and tricks on all animals, including dogs and cats. 

In one clip, he could be seen dancing as he answered the question: “Best dog breeds for FIRST TIME owners!” followed by a mum and a dog emoji. 

He included Labradors, Beagles, Boxers, Bichon Frises and Cavalier King Charles dogs onto the list. 

In the caption, he added: “Just a refresher for anyone looking to get an easy maintenance dog!” 

And in the comments, TikTok user @amirthevet asked: “Owners of theee dog breeds !! Are they easy to handle ??”

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But people were left baffled by some of the breeds he named and flocked to the comments to share their thoughts. 

“Beagle??? You got real?I still got ptsd 6 years in,” followed by a crying with laughter emoji. 

A second chimed: “beagle? are you kidding.. these dogs are not for the weak,” with a crying with laughter emoji. 

While a third added: “I have beagle and their not easy,” with a crying emoji. 

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Others complained about Labradors and Boxers too, while many agreed that Cavalier King Charles is the best breed for first-time owners. 

According to PetPlan, Beagles are intelligent, friendly and excitable but need “a strong hand in their early training”. 

“They love to follow a scent and can jump walls and dog under fences in pursuit of its quarry – and can be very vocal doing so!” they said. 

They continued: “They get on well with other pets and people but may need some supervision when playing with small children, as they can get carried away with playfulness.”

It means that they may not be a good choice for first-time owners who have young children in the house. 

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