Astrologer names ‘least kind’ zodiac sign – they ‘sting’ if ‘provoked’

In western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, all with different personality traits and characteristics.

We all have our moments of coldness or meanness – we’re only human after all – but according to one astrologer, some signs are less sweet than others.

According to Louella Alderson, keen astrologer and co-founder of personality-based dating app So Syncd, the “least kind” zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Beware of an angry Scorpio – you do not want to feed their wrath. Louella warned: “The Scorpio is represented by the scorpion and the scorpion doesn’t mess around.”

They have both a scary and a kind side. Indeed, the scorpion can “sting when provoked but it can also be loyal and protective, much like the Scorpio”.

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The astrologer explained why Scorpio might not be super warm and loving towards everyone they meet.

She said: “Scorpios have a hard time trusting those around them which makes it difficult for them to show lots of kindness towards others. They often guard their hearts and are not quick to let people in.”

Scorpio’s affection must be earned, but once you have you are in for lots of love and kindness.

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The astrologer said: “When they do open up and show love and compassion, they will do so boldly and sincerely.

“So even though Scorpios might not be the most outwardly kind sign, they are still capable of showing kindness to those closest to them.”

On the total opposite side of the spectrum is Pisces, who has been named the “kindest zodiac sign”.

Louella said: “These sensitive souls are incredibly intuitive, warm, and gentle. They’re the kind of people who will go out of their way to help a friend or neighbor – no questions asked.”

According to the astrologer, Pisces has a sort of sixth sense when it comes to the emotions of others. They can tell when the people around them are down and need picking back up.

Wise Pisces will listen to your troubles with a non-judgemental ear, as well as providing sage advice.

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