Where My Mum, Your Dad couples are now from ‘still going strong’ to split

My Mum, Your Dad won over the hearts of many viewers after the couples opened up about their relationship struggles on the TV show.

Some of the singletons had faced cheating exes while others were left heartbroken as relationships fizzled out. One of the singletons, Roger, went on the show after becoming a widow to try and find love again.

The TV show quickly won over viewers at home as they followed the journeys of the couples at the retreat, and while some people struggled to find their flame, others thrived. The new series, hosted by Davina McCall saw the couples' adult children trying to set them up with their ideal partner.

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Now, months on from when the show actually filmed, the couples have now updated their fans on their relationship status.

Friday (September 22) finale saw Davina McCall lead the four remaining couples through to an unexpected reunion with their children.

Natalie and Paul, Sharon and Elliot, Martin M and Monique and Roger and Janey were able to discuss their futures with their children.

Martin M and Monique were the only pair who, despite making it all the way through, decided to leave the retreat as "just friends".

Monique's daughter Taiya questioned his intentions with her mum after having a sit down chat when it was revealed the kids had been watching the entire time.

Monique opted to end the romance on the show, becoming the first couple to end the romance from the final.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Paul, who were on a good path during the show, went their separate ways after a "great summer" together. A spokesperson told The Sun: "They were both independent people who had great lives of their own and in the end decided their love wasn't greater than the hurdles."

Natalie and Paul were initially put together by their kids after they opted to send them on a date – and things quickly looked up for the pair. However, it wasn't meant to be and they ultimately separated.

However, two couples are still together after the show. Widower Roger didn't appear to be hopeful that he would find love again after he lost his wife 18 months prior, but then he met Janey.

On Saturday (September 23) Roger posted a snap of the pair of them and said: "It's been hard to keep it a secret but the wait is finally over – me and the beautiful Janey are still going strong and have never been better since."

Roger thanked ITV as Janey added: "What an amazing journey… Saturday mornings just got a whole lot better."

Sharon and Elliot are also still together, though the pair had ups and downs while they were on the retreat. Both the pair said they didn't "instantly" like each other on the show, but they soon opened up to each other.

The duo took to Instagram to confirm their relationship as Sharon posted their "date night" snap on Sunday evening. Their followers were quick to swoon over the duo as one person said it was the "post we've all been waiting for".

My Mum, Your Dad quickly grew in popularity as some fans branded it the "most real reality TV show".

It's the first season of its kind in the UK, but fans are already begging for a second instalment.

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