Bloke, 41, lives off parents for 7 years as ‘working some jobs is beneath him’

A 41-year-old bloke has been slammed for having his parents pay his rent and bills for the last seven years as he refuses to get a job that's 'beneath him'.

Brint Davy, from Austin, Texas, was on a recent episode of Caleb Hammer's Financial Audit podcast when he explained that he became unemployed years ago and has now racked up thousands of dollars in debt from payday loans, gambling and subscriptions for the likes of Netflix and OnlyFans. He also has his parents pay his rent and bills for him as he can't afford to pay them himself.

But rather than take any job he can get to heal his financial situation, he clashed with the host of his 'immature' choices. Caleb had suggested that the bloke take what he can get and cut costs to pay off his debts and stand on his own two feet. Brint, who once worked as a journalist, claims he's been blacklisted from most jobs that he is 'wholly qualified for' after he was jailed for 6 years in Travis County.

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He explained: "I'm just hustling every day basically because I have been blacklisted from most jobs. I have a criminal background. I told Governor Abbott on Twitter that I would eat his heart and that solicited a big reaction.

"It sounds way worse than it was because I'm not a cannibal for one — I don't eat hearts — and the state really wanted to prosecute me. They were thinking about making it a felony for a while and they just dragged it all out for a year and it took a long time."

Brint, who also previously owned an advertising agency and was earning $500,000 (£400,000) a year, explained that despite the incident happening in 2018 the fallout continues to linger over him as he just keeps getting rejected. He added: "They say I'm overqualified nicely which just kind of sucks and sometimes I'll be like "yeah I know but I want a job."'

However, he has had some potential employers had also run background checks, which revealed his criminal past. He said that not being able to find a job has left him 'freaked out' as he has now burned through his savings and has had to ask his parents to cover his $1,500 (£1,200) a month rent — which they have been doing since 2016.

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When he was asked if he was embarrassed by having to do that, he replied: "A little bit but I know that they're capable of it." However, he also said that he would not accept any job that felt like a 'step down' including working at a fast food chain, despite his desperate need for cash.

He claimed that taking a job like that would be "beneath him" because "something better is going to come along and I just know it". Caleb then tried to encourage Brint, who owns a Volkswagen Eos which has left him in $9,000 (£7,000) debt, to investigate the possibility of working for Lyft, Uber Eats or Amazon. However, Brint replied: "I can already see it as a dead end… I don't like to waste time."

Episodes of the Financial Audit are available to stream on YouTube here.

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